Rubbery Homicide
Season 15
Number 8
Writer Tom Mularz
Director Louis Milito
Original Airdate November 30, 2014
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Rubbery Homicide is the eighth episode in Season Fifteen of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs are called to investigate the murder of a man whose body was found in a dark alley. Their investigation leads them to a bizarre underground culture in which men dress as female dolls to live out their fantasies.


Victim: Nelson Kern (deceased)

On the case: entire team

A woman walks down a Vegas street, grabbing the attention of several onlookers. Her reflection is soon seen in the side of a party bus, and something doesn't look right.

Meanwhile, David Phillips tends to the body of a male victim who's been stabbed multiple times in the neck and back. The victim has been stripped down to his underwear, and the lack of blood on his body doesn't match up with the arterial spray at the scene. A lipstick case is found nearby, indicating that there's either another female victim or she fought off her attacker. Nearby, Sara finds the bloody imprint of a face in the concrete. Since there's no blood on the victim's face, the imprint could belong to the face of the killer.

Back at the lab, Finn runs the imprint through facial recognition software, but gets no hits. She notes to Morgan that the face that made the imprint appears to be flat, possibly from a physical deformity.

The blood from the scene all belongs to one victim: Nelson Kern, a local resident who has a few priors for burglary. Nelson's cell phone is pinged, and Nick and Officer Mitchell find it in a dumpster. Also inside the dumpster is a bloody purse and a life-size rubber female suit also covered in blood. The body may be fake, but the blood is real.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins notes that the murder weapon wasn't particularly sharp, as there's only slight bruising around the wounds. The square edges around the wounds also indicate that the weapon may not have been a knife. One of the stabs severed Nelson's carotid artery, making exsanguination his cause of death. Nelson incurred other injuries, including a bite mark to his shoulder, abrasions on his wrists, and bruising on his arms. His tox screen also showed alcohol and ecstasy in his system.

The stab wounds to Nelson's body line up perfectly with the stab wounds in the rubber suit; he was definitely wearing it when he was stabbed. Nick peruses the internet and finds a website dedicated to those who wear the rubber suits. The group of people call themselves "Rubber Dolls," and the fetish is a form of full-body cross-dressing. Blood smeared on the mask explains how the face was stamped into the concrete. Nick didn't find any viable fingerprints on the suit when he fumed it, but he did find one embedded in the silicone; someone touched the skin before it was set. The print comes back to a local resident named Belinda Goff.

Russell speaks with Belinda, who recognizes the rubber doll as her handiwork. She isn't able to provide much information on Nelson, as the men who enter her store wish to remain anonymous and pay in cash. However, she mentions that the dolls might go out together to show off, and she points Russell to the club where they meet.

Greg and Russell venture to the "dollhouse," where a few dozen dolls are partying and living out their fantasies. The place is just a few blocks from the crime scene, so the odds are pretty good that Nelson was there last night. As the CSIs make their way through the crowd, one of the dolls spots Greg and starts to run; the getaway ends when the doll trips on one of her heels. When unmasked, the man tells Greg that he's a high school counselor and that he didn't want his extracurriculars going public. He quickly identified Greg and Russell as cops and figured they had come to raid the place. The man doesn't recognize Nelson, but he recognizes the doll as "Charlene." He explains that Charlene was a newcomer who quickly became the center of attention. Some of the other dolls could've been jealous and wanted to start a fight.

Meanwhile, Russell talks privately with another doll. The man has blue paint transfer on his leg, and Russell notes that it matches the color of a wall near where Nelson was murdered. When pressed, the man admits that he was attacked by someone last weekend, but didn't go to the police because of his fetish. However, he caught the license plate of the motorcycle his attacker was driving.

Under interrogation, the motorcycle owner, Clay Miller, admits to the first attack; however, he denies killing Nelson, saying that he was working at the time of the murder. Nick tells him that the first victim won't press any charges because he doesn't want to have to show his face in court.

When processing the Charlene suit, Henry decided to also process the earrings she was wearing. He finds skin cells embedded in one of the earrings, and the DNA comes back to a Charlene Brock—who died two years ago. As it turns out, Charlene had a short modeling career in the early '80s, and one of her posters shows her wearing the same exact dress as the rubber doll. She was reborn in rubber, only to get murdered—and with DNA from the real Charlene on the rubber body.

Russell speaks with Charlene's widower and her two adult children, who confirm that Charlene died two years ago from a brain aneurysm. They don't recognize Nelson from his photo, but the daughter, April, mentions that they held an estate sale after Charlene's death, which is where Nelson could've purchased her earrings.

Morgan goes online and finds a web forum dedicated to the Vegas Rubber Dolls. The forum reads like a reality show, with the various members exchanging gossip and holding grudges. As it turns out, Charlene had a rival doll named Lexy, who was the queen of the club until Charlene showed up last month. Lexy wasn't in the club when Greg and Russell went there, nor was she in the posted club photos taken on the night of the murder. She might've had motive and opportunity to do away with Charlene.

Nelson's car is found a few blocks from the club. Morgan finds another rubber suit in the trunk and recognizes it as Lexy from the picture in the online forum. Nelson was wearing the Charlene suit when he died, but why would he have the Lexy suit in the trunk? Morgan notes that every guy only has one Rubber Doll persona, so it doesn't make sense that Nelson would be two different people. A crowbar and some bolt cutters are found in the back seat, and it seems Nelson used them to break in somewhere. Morgan theorizes that Nelson (dressed as Lexy) became jealous when Charlene showed up, so he broke into the owner's house, stole the Charlene suit, and wore it for the night. Charlene's owner is still unknown, but Sara finds traces of concrete powder in the blades of the bolt cutter.

Russell visits the Brock house again, as he had noticed earlier that they were doing concrete work in the backyard. Evidence shows that someone broke into Stan Brock's storage area, and Russell goes inside to take a look around. He eventually comes across a well-preserved shrine dedicated to Charlene, complete with cosmetics and clothes, including her wedding dress. Russell spots an empty garment bag and concludes that Stan was the one who owned the Charlene suit; Nelson is the one who broke in and stole it. Stan says that Charlene was his whole world, and Russell asks him if he would kill for her.

Under interrogation, Stan tells Russell that he lied earlier because his children were present. He admits to finding Belinda Goff online and sending her a picture of Charlene so a rubber suit could be made in her likeness. Russell guesses that Nelson/Lexy became jealous of Charlene, which led to Nelson breaking in and stealing the Charlene suit. Stan denies killing anyone, saying that he would never hurt anyone who also wanted to cherish the real Charlene's memory.

Finn checks the police activity in the alley on the night of the murder and finds that there was a parking ticket issued to an Escalade. Carpet fiber trace from Charlene's suit is consistent with the interior of an Escalade, and the vehicle is registered to an Adrian Graham. Russell recognizes Adrian as one of the admirers from the club.

When questioned by Finn, Adrian confirms that Charlene was in his vehicle and that the two played around. Things appear to have gotten too rough, as she left with a bite mark on her shoulder and abrasions on her arms. Because of Adrian's history of sexual assault, Finn theorizes that Charlene bailed when things got rough. Not wanting to get rejected by a doll, Adrian followed her and stabbed her. He then removed the suit because everyone from the club would recognize Charlene, but nobody would know who Nelson Kern was. However, Adrian says that he kicked Charlene out of his SUV after she simply opened her mouth.

No blood is found in the SUV, and Sara notes that if Adrian stabbed Nelson in the alley, he would've tracked some blood back into the vehicle. None of Adrian's sex toys and lotions have blood on them, either. Russell spots a bottle of baby oil and remembers that Nick found traces of it on the Charlene suit earlier. Because there were no shoe prints or blood trail at the scene, the CSIs figure an oil trail could be just as helpful.

At the scene, Russell and Sara use their ALSs and find an oil trail that leads them to a nearby garage. Sara finds a nail file consistent with the murder weapon that had been hidden by the killer, and the nail file has the logo for the Brock family modeling agency on it. Fingerprints from the nail file come back to Jonah Brock, Charlene's son.

Under interrogation, Jonah informs Finn that he gave away 20 of those nail files as mementos after his mother's memorial; therefore, his prints would be on every one of them. However, Finn reveals that he had also recently tried to remove his father as the head of the modeling agency. Jonah admits to finding out about his father's secret and knew that if photos of the doll suit ever got out, the agency would be finished. This would also mean that Jonah would eventually inherit nothing. The notion was rejected by the agency's board, which left him with one other option. Finn theorizes that Jonah tried to take his father out of the picture, but stabbed Nelson by accident. Jonah, however, provides an alibi: he was spending time with a model when the murder occurred and he has the video to prove it.

The alibi checks out, and Greg informs Nick that there were bits of fingernail lodged in the crosshatches of the nail file. Particles of gold were found mixed in, and Nick sees that the woman in the video with Jonah had gold fingernails.

The model in question flew back to Finland, but it's revealed that her nails were filed by the assistant at the photo shoot: April Brock. When questioned by Russell, she repeats that she didn't know Nelson; however, Russell guesses that she thought she was actually stabbing her father. April's testimony at the business deposition painted her mother as tyrannical, which led to her getting physically and psychologically abused when things didn't go Charlene's way.

When Charlene died, the rest of the family was free; however, Stan didn't want to let her go. In fact, he loved Charlene so much, he wanted to bring her back to life—a betrayal April couldn't live with. April admits to following her father that night and seeing the gathering of the dolls. When her father decided to spend her 30th birthday with the dolls instead of her, April snapped. She followed Charlene into the alley and stabbed her, only to realize that her father wasn't the one in the suit. After realizing her mistake, she ripped the suit off the body and threw it in the dumpster.

Stan arrives in time to see his daughter getting taken away in handcuffs. April admonishes him for not letting Charlene die since she was a monster, but in her rage, her father sees how much she's like her late mother.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Larry M. Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Richard Gilliland as Stan Brock
  • Margo Harshman as April Brock
  • Callard Harris as Jonah Brock
  • Terrell Tilford as Adrian Graham
  • Kyle S. More as Violet
  • Michael Blackman Beck as Red
  • Josh Wingate as Clay Miller
  • Jane Adams as Belinda Goff
  • Danielle Donn as Charlene Brock
  • Mark Aaron Wagner as Nelson Kern


  • Simple Man by Katy J
  • Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix) by Ella Fitzgerald

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