Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ruby Banks
Gender Female
Family Kyle Banks (son; deceased)
Zeke Banks (son)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Pawn shop owner
Pathology Murderer
Proxy Killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Proxy murder and robbery
No. of Victims 1 killed
5 killed and robbed by proxy
1 robbed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Illeana Douglas
First Appearance Passed Pawns

Ruby Banks is a murderer of Jeremy Sikes, a hitman she hired to carry out serial murders/robberies for clients she gave him, in exchange for cash for the items taken from the victims' homes he pawned at her shop. She appeared in Passed Pawns in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Ruby Banks owns a pawn shop with her two sons, older Kyle and younger savant Zeke. What's not known even to her sons is she works in collusion with a homeless man, Jeremy Sikes, to illicitly pawn items from homes he robbed, killing the homeowners each time, paying Sikes with large lump sums of cash, which he would use to score big in casinos. The victims were deliberately targeted, Banks giving Sykes the names and other information from personal to daily routines, because she took clients for him to kill for, the valuables being payment for the criminal services. One robbery had a stash of heroin belonging to gangster Luis Delgado in a cabinet stolen from the property Sikes robbed. When Banks found out about this and feared an investigation or Delgado's gang closing in on her, she killed Sikes based off an MO Delgado used in a murder to tie loose ends, throw the killing off her tracks, and prevent the additional criminal trouble by framing Delgado for the murder. Even in spite of this, she still sold the stash.

Passed Pawns[]

Banks is regularly seen with her sons as the CSIs come to investigate their pawn shop when Sikes keeps being traced back to it from the pawned items he stole. Ruby insists she runs a legitimate business and doesn't have an easy time with the CSIs coming in with warrants for the possessions, Kyle even more oppositional and standing firmly, but they still concede to the investigation, Zeke especially helpful with his because of his attention and memory. Things turn horrifically worse when Delgado's men storm the shop looking for the stash. Kyle was immediately shot trying to protect the family, but Zeke lied saying if he agreed to be kidnapped, he'd take them to the stash. Ruby, in tears, is confronted by the CSIs, who are now onto her and eventually get her confession of her own murder. She then relays the situation at the shop, saying her sons never knew about her enterprises, meaning Zeke is more danger from knowing nothing. Ruby is arrested and eventually incarcerated afterwards, with Zeke being rescued with a few scratches after Jim Brass threatens Delgado to return him safely.

Modus Operandi[]

Banks killed Sikes the same way Louis Delgado committed a murder he was never caught for to frame him. she shot Sikes twice in his back, dug the bullets out with a knife, then stabbed him twice in the wounds and then ten more times to cover up the shots. She then used Sikes' hand and blood to trace "DE" on the concrete to further implicate Delgado.

Known Victims[]

  • Jeremy Sikes (shot twice in his back, dug the bullets out with a knife, then stabbed twelve times; traced "DE" in his blood.)

Known Clients[]

  • Kristi Holt (hired to kill her husband)


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