Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ryan Fink
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Paramedic
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Mitchell Fink
First Appearance Bite Me

Ryan Fink is a paramedic and serial arsonist who appeared in Seasons 6 and 11 of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.

Season Six[]

Bite Me[]

Fink and his partner Bass respond to a 911 call placed by Ray Lester after his wife Becky fell down a flight of stairs case. Fink and Bass step through the blood trying to get a rhythm but pronounce her dead at 12:16 am. Police and CSIs arrive at the scene and take both their shoes as evidence. CSI Greg Sanders asks them if they moved the body and Fink says they didn't saying once they saw the blood they figured they would show up.

A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 1[]

Fink and his partner respond to a 911 call after a mass shootout breaks out between the LVPD and Mexican Mafia gang members. Fink tells detective Louis Vartann the shooter shot in the leg will be getting a ride with the coroner. When Vartann asks about any civilians hurt, Fink says one woman needs stitches while a boy named Geraldo Zamesca who was shot is critical and in surgery.

Way to Go[]

After Captain Jim Brass was shot by William Cutler, Fink and his partner respond and race Brass to the hospital. Fink wheels Brass into surgery and lets the hospital staff work to save Brass.

Season 11[]


After Margaret Wilson is attacked in her home, Fink responds and is commended by CSI Nick Stokes for saving a bunch of kids from a burning building. Ryan's car is later found abandoned with blood in it after. Ryan's body is later found in Wilson's home underneath her bed with his throat slit wearing a black latex suit similar to the one Wilson's attacker was wearing after Wilson was attacked again. It is later revealed that Ryan was purposefully setting buildings on fire and rescuing people so he could look like a hero and was targeted for this by a serial killer known as Sqweegel, who also targeted Wilson.


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