Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ryan Morton
Alias Carston Pennington
Tripp Larson
Gareth Morton
Countless others
Gender Male
Family Gareth Morton (brother; deceased)
Hilda Morton (mother; deceased)
Unnamed father
City Las Vegas
Occupation Con Artist
Real Estate Developer (fake)
Movie Producer (fake)
Art Collector (fake)
Countless other cons
Pathology Con Artist
Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Cons
Identity Fabrication & Theft
No. of Victims 4+ conned
2 killed
1 killed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michael Weston
First Appearance Kill Me If You Can

Ryan Morton, known also by countless other aliases, is a prolific con artist and budding serial killer, appearing in Kill Me If You Can in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Morton had a brother named Gareth and a and a mother named Hilda, whom he didn't get along with and barely spent much time around as he got older. His father left the family when the kids were still young, and brother Gareth hated him for refusing to see Hilda, especially when she was dying. Morton grew up to be an expert scam artist and embezzler, relishing the lone-wolf illicit capitalism of his lifestyle. One time, he returned home and offered money from his illicit profits to his family, but Gareth instantly handed the money back to him and said they didn't need it. Ryan then ripped up the money in front of them. His dirty luck would run out in a night of two murders and one suicide that would crumble his covers and operations for good.

Kill Me If You Can[]

Under the alias Carston Pennington, he was met again by a Jena Mackin, a woman he seduced to con her boyfriend Mickey Ross out of two hundred grand under the alias Tripp Larson. When he pretended he didn't know who she was, she went to a hotel room with her tortoise, Gareth, had questionably rough intercourse with Ross, and then shot herself under her chin. The first bullet caught in the barrel, but the second one propelled them both out of her head into the ceiling, spilling her blood and brains all over Gareth. Ross, not wanting to be caught, simply fled the scene. Later that night, PI Shawn Hagan, hired by Dr. Paul Anton, a cardiac surgeon conned by Morton out of a hundred seventy grand under Morton's real name, using a dog named Gareth as part of the cover, found and cornered Morton in an alley to confront him. In a struggle, Morton took the gun Anton gave Morton as a present during Morton's defrauding of his savings and shot Hagan in his hand during the scuffle, the bullet going into his viscera and cutting them up from the inside. Morton then stuffed the PI's corpse into the floor of the driver's seat and ran off, leaving behind one of his contact lenses. It all came to a head when Gareth confronted him while still under his Pennington "art dealer" scam at his pool house, Gareth having a serious confrontation with Ryan. When Ryan lost it over Gareth insulting his failures and his apathy to their mother, who died from her illnesses before Gareth arrived, Ryan finally lost it and body slammed Gareth into the ground. The trauma to Gareth's head killed him instantly, so Ryan stripped his clothes and glasses, threw him into the pool in his underwear, and cleaned up the scene, all with his fiancée, Darcy Farrell, whom he blackmailed with ratting out if she ratted on him. He ran off with Gareth's clothes and credentials and his one hundred grand of con money to make a run for it.

All three deaths are discovered and investigated by the CSIs. Each one reveals Morton's latest cons: Anton's, Ross', and his forged art pieces. Each scene also shows an animal named Gareth: the dog, the turtle, and a cat at Farrell's house who licked the paint of the forgeries to reveal them as such. Farrell is arrested under suspicion when her clothes are found to have blood on them and the hundred grand is suspected to have been taken by her. Ross, despite being a misogynistic womanizer, gives testimony about his con and corroborates the evidence of Mackin's suicide with his own accounts. The contact lens and the gun at the scene trace the murder to Ryan, who's at the time assumed to be Gareth from a DNA sibling match to the real, dead Gareth. But as the crimes are investigated, Morton and his two known aliases are finally found, as well as the three animals being named after his brother. They realize he has a bigger role in the deaths then his cons, so they retrace their steps, still assuming Gareth in the morgue is Ryan. They still stick to Mackin killing herself, but they assume Gareth, who's really Ryan, responsible for the other two murders. They don't need to bother finding him since Ryan as Gareth was pulled over for speeding, with the cash and Gareth's belongings. He plays a role, saying Hagan demanded the brothers to give up the house to pay for Ryan's thievery, denying killing Hagan, saying as "Gareth" he went to see "Ryan" to convince on the deal, but "left" when "Ryan" just hissed back and refused. They go through the car and find a further revelation: Ryan was wearing Burberry underwear when arrested, but Dempseys are both in the luggage and worn by Gareth's corpse. Farrell's hearing the interrogation where Ryan simply says he gave it to Gareth and Gareth didn't wanna pay taxes, then accusing Farrell of the murder. She then pulls back the veil hearing the betrayal: it's Ryan, not Gareth, in the booth. She tells everything about how Gareth insulted Ryan, preceding the murder an Ryan's attempted identity theft and escape, fingering him for both Gareth's and Hagan's murders. When Ryan tells Jim Brass how his brother rejected gift of money from him, Brass refuses to believe it after all his lies and fraud. Ryan simply says it doesn't matter because it's the truth. He's then incarcerated for al his crimes, with Farrell's status never being specified.

Modus Operandi[]

Morton would con people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars using elaborate, well-staged ruses and an array of fake names, even using his real one on certain occasions. If women were involved, he would often seduce and have sexual relationships with them to get closer to his "deal" or to establish a new life as a cover. The night of the three deaths, he rejected one woman, Jena Mackin, whom he conned previously, causing her to shoot herself twice from under her chin, but it can out in one shot when the first bullet was caught in the barrel. He then killed PI Shawn Hagan in a struggle by shooting him in his hand, the bullet flying into his arm and cutting down his viscera in a zigzag motion. When he killed his brother Gareth, he tackled him in a rage, causing Gareth's head to hit the ground hard and kill him instantly. He then stole Gareth's clothes and glasses to pose as him and run, cleaning up the crime scene with his fiancée, Darcy Farrell, under blackmail of turning her in with him.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous previous unspecified cons
  • Paul Anton (conned out of $175,000 in a fraudulent real estate project)
  • Mickey Ross (conned out of $200,000 in a fraudulent movie development)
  • Numerous unnamed clients (conned out of large finances over fake art)
  • Darcy Farrell (seduced and conned; later blackmailed into cleaning up Gareth's murder)
  • Jena Mackin (seduced and conned; later devastated enough to make her shoot herself in her head with two bullets)
  • Shawn Hagan (struggled with, then shot in his hand with Anton's gun, causing the bullet to cut down and back and forth through his viscera)
  • Gareth Morton (shoved back, causing his head to hit the pool ground floor; undressed and threw in the pool postmortem)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Darcy Farrell (blackmailed into helping clean up the scene of Gareth's murder)


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