Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Sam
Gender Male
Family Nick Stokes (owner)
City Las Vegas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Uncredited
First Appearance Play Dead

Sam is a former police dog adopted by Nick Stokes in Season 13.


Season 13[]

It is unknown how long Sam has been in the police force but it is known that he was associated with Officer Mike Nelson.

Play Dead[]

Sam first appears in Play Dead, when he is suspected of fatally mauling his former owner, Mike Nelson. By the end of the episode, it has been proven that he only licked his owner after he was killed and that he was actually killed by a man involved in a drug case Nelson was investigating off the books. When Nick brought Sam into D.B. Russell's office, he steals his totem pole and has it in his mouth until Sam's trainer reveals he was born in France and will understand French commands. When Sam sniffs out his former owner's killer, Sam got shot, but managed to make it through surgery where Nick promises the trainer he will look after Sam.


Sam is seen eating lunch with Nick.


On the way home from the veterinarian, Nick decides to stop by the office so Sam can see some old friends. Morgan suggests that Sam may be bored of retirement because he misses being in the field.

Nick, Morgan and Sam head out to the victim's campsite with the hopes of tracking his movements the night of his death. Sam locks onto his scent and leads the CSIs to the entrance of an underground bunker. Sam waits at the entrance while Nick and Morgan head inside.


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