Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Scott Collins
Gender Male
Family Barbara Collins (wife; deceased)
Steven Collins (son;deceased)
Brad Collins (son;deceased)
Tina Collins (daughter; incarcerated)
Brenda Collins (daughter/grandaughter;alive)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Rapist
Incestuous Predator
Modus Operandi Rape
No. of Victims 2 raped
Status Deceased
First Appearance Blood Drops

Scott Collins a.k.a. The Buffalo is a rapist and incestuous pedophile, conceiving one victim with another.

Blood Drops[]

Collins repeatedly raped his daughter Tina, with the rest of his family knowing. The two conceived a daughter, Brenda, who was found out to Tina horror to also have been raped by Collins. Tina hired her boyfriend, Jesse Overton, to kill Scott, the Collins matriarch, and the two sons with a kitchen knife, as revenge over the rapes and the other relatives ignoring, once Tina finally snapped finding out Brenda was victimized as well.

The rapes were revealed when Brenda mumbled "The Buffalo" in allusion to Scott's medallion he wore during the rapes. When the medallion was found, Tina was confronted and revealed the truth of the motives.

Known Victims[]

  • Tina Collins (his daughter; repeatedly molested and raped)
  • Brenda Collins (daughter/granddaughter with Tina; molested and raped)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Barbara Collins (wife; deceased; ignored her husband's crimes)


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