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Minor Character: Miami
Scott Sommer
Name Scott Sommer
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Insurance company CEO
Pathology Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Plane Crash
Bludgeoning and high fall
No. of Victims 8 killed
1+ embezzeled
Status Deceased
First Appearance Golden Parachute

Scott Sommer is a mass murderer and the only survivor of a plane crash in such a plane his insurance company owned.


Sommer's insurance company had been embezzling funds for years, but his secretary, Christina Marie Colucci, knew about it and, after a failed suicide attempt, decided to do something about it and filed papers to the SEC to start an investigation. When he caught wind of that information, he decided to kill her to silence her, choosing a plane flight over Miami as the perfect time so he wouldn't be suspected. He threw her out the opened door, after breaking her fingers with a fire extinguisher to make her lose her grip when she tried to pull herself inside again. What he never counted on was her heel catching in the plane's jet engine, causing it to crash. The co-pilot and five other passengers were instantly killed as a result of his actions, the pilot dying at the scene when Eric Delko tried to save his life. Shockingly, he was the only survivor. He continued to try and change his story, preferably sticking with she committed suicide and he tried to stop her, not being near the door when she jumped. But his lies soon began to collapse, especially once the documents were discovered, causing him to finally concede defeat on even evading suspicion. Out of depression from being near losing it all and being too afraid to go to jail, he hanged himself on his balcony, where the CSI team found him later. Horatio Caine simply said to him posthumously a cold "bad karma" closing remark over how his crimes never paid in the end.

Modus Operandi[]

Sommer targeted his secretary, Christina Marie Colucci, alone because she was blowing the whistle on his embezzlement schemes. he killed her by opening the plane hatch and hitting her hand with a fire extinguisher when she was clinging for her life to force her out. Horrifically, her shoe was caught in a jet engine, causing everyone else to die instantly from the plane crash, except for the pilot, who succumbed to his injuries later despite attempts to save him, leaving Sommer the only survivor.

Known Victims[]

  • Christina Marie Colucci (his secretary; threw out of a plane; also broke her fingers with a fire extinguisher)
  • Unnamed pilot (mortally wounded in a plane crash; died from his injuries when Eric Delko tried to save him)
  • Unnamed co-pilot (killed instantly in a plane crash)
  • Five unnamed passengers (killed instantly in a plane crash)