The relationship between Sean Yeager and Morgan Brody is one of the newest relationships in the show.

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  • In Passed Pawns: Brilliant day shift CSI Sean Yeager wants the case for a promotion, but is forced to team up with Morgan. Competitive at first with Morgan, but then they work together to solve the murder of a homeless man tied to a pawn shop robbery ring. At the end of the episode, he says to her '' I think you got yourself a fan'' when Zeke is led by a police officer past them. Morgan then replies that Zeke just likes the way she handles power tools and Yeager says ''I wasn't talking about the boy'', implying that he must be her fan since then. Morgan congratulates Sean on the case but he tells her she deserves it. The two promise to see each other around. They were also mistaken for a lovely couple, as Ruby Banks mentioned earlier.
  • In Helpless: They were chatting and Yeager offered to help Morgan find swing shift CSI Dawn Banks when she went missing.
  • In Boston Brakes: Yeager helped the grave shift team when D.B. Russell and Finlay were investigated by the FBI .


Yeager: Hey Brody, I heard you're on the rape case. Stealing the glory again?

Morgan: (chuckles) Day shift doesn't start for another hour, Yeager. Go get your breakfast buffet on.

Yeager: I think you got yourself a fan.

Morgan: (chuckles) No, he just likes the way I handle power tools.

Yeager: No, I wasn't talking about him.

Morgan: Oh. Well, congratulations. You got your solve.

Yeager: No. You take it. I mean, you earned it. I'll catch the next one.

Maybe I'll catch it with you.