Minor Character: Miami
Name Sean Moran
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Toy Warehouse Assembly Worker
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Varied
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Rafi Gavron
First Appearance Special Delivery

Sean Moran is a budding serial killer and a vigilante targeting the drug operation of Marcos Trejo for his best friend Travis Welsh, who was addicted to his drugs. He appeared in Special Delivery in CSI:Miami.


Sean Moran was best friends with Travis Welsh since they were kids. When he grew older, Welsh turned to drugs, which scared Moran every day, knowing Welsh would die if he pushed his addiction to far. Welsh would always simply tell him to stop caring about his well-being, but Moran refused. He decided to make a plan to infiltrate the cartel responsible for supplying Welsh, killing as many people even connected to it who had serious parts in the operations as he could. He got a job at the toy warehouse where the drugs were being distributed, disguised as porcelain dolls, before they were cooked and sold. Watching the movements, he tracked the supply and start from the bottom up. He strangled Doug Govoli, the delivery man who brought the drugs to Welsh, but when Govoli fought back, he grabbed his box cutter and slashed him to death. He later tracked Sheila Hartford, one of the warehouse CEOs in on the operation, to her child's school, chasing her through the gym until she was hiding behind the bleachers, ready to stab her with a pocket knife. When he found out where she was hiding, he smashed the glass over the controls and slammed the button that closed them, which, despite her pleas to be spared, resulted in the bleachers crushing her to death. He was found after the CSIs traced the murders to the warehouse, showing himself as one of the workers and leading the CSIs around the place. He feigns shock when they find the dolls that are made from pure heroin. By then, Welsh, considered a suspect, had swallowed a pack of heroin and overdosed himself into a coma when he was cornered in a chase with the CSIs. Moran, devastated and heartbroken by the news, visits Welsh under the guise of being a concerned stranger. Natalia Boa Vista speaks with him, tells him to not feel bad that he was working in the warehouse because he wasn't any the wiser to the drug cartel, so it's not his fault Welsh OD'd. Moran asks his name and his Welsh is gonna be okay, Boa Vista replying with the doctors don't know for sure. Moran then sits by Welsh's side and cries, leaving a picture of the two of them when they were younger so he wakes up to remembering the better times they had. Marcos Trejo, the leader of the operation, is arrested, suspected of the murders after a fight with Govoli when Govoli stole from his proceeds, but Trejo, despite shamelessly admitting to the drug operations idea once globalization hit the world, denies killing anybody. An ear print of someone over six feet found at Govoli's scene exonerated Trejo of the murder suspicion, as well as Welsh when there's no blood in his ear since he wasn't in the struggle. When Boa Vista finds the picture, suspicion turns to Moran. He's brought in and immediately outed as the killer when blood's found in his right ear. When he's shown the picture he left, he admits he was planning his spree for a while. He says he was disgusted by the people he killed merely profiting off the drugs and not carrying about the consequences, Govoli obligated to report the signs and Hartford loving the profits too much she cared even less. When he's told Trejo was outed as the leader and busted, Moran says without his spree, they couldn't have stopped the ring. Horatio Caine simply says he's not entitled to take justice in his own hands, but he will face penalties for his own felonies. He's immediately arrested and soon after incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Moran used several weapons, both intentional and spontaneous, when he targeted people with connections to the drug ring to dismantle the operation. He tried to strangle Doug Govoli, the postman who delivered the packages Moran assumed without care, but when he fought back, Moran resorted to slashing him with a box cutter in the back of his mail truck. When he killed Shelia Hartford, the co-owner of the warehouse where the drugs were being distributed, he chased her through her kid's high school and tried to stab her, but when she was cornered behind the school bleachers, he smashed the controls and slammed the button that closed them, crushing her inside. It's highly implied that if he fond Marcos Trejo, the front runner of the drug smuggling, he would've killed him as well to end the ring for good, but the investigation led to Trejo's arrest instead.

Known Victims[]

  • Doug Govoli (the delivery man who supplied the packages, maybe knowingly; attempted to strangle; ended up slashing him with a box cutter)
  • Sheila Hartford (the co-owner of the warehouse with the heroin operation; attempted to stab; ended up crushing her behind school bleachers)
  • Marcos Trejo (the head of the drug operation; would've tried to kill; was arrested)