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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Sean Nolan
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Sabotage
No. of Victims 9 dead
15 injuries
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Joseph D. Reitman
First Appearance Chasing The Bus

Sean Nolan is an accidental mass murderer who killed nine people by sabotaging his former employer's bus tires, causing a wreck.

Season Two[]

Chasing The Bus[]

Nolan was fired for having marijuana in his locker at work.

Two months later, Nolan sabotaged four of Maddock's buses to get back at his former bus company boss, by putting chloroform in the front-right tire. Chloroform destroyed the elasticity of the rubber. Sooner or later, the air pressure inside the tire would cause it to explode. The last sabotage proved fatal.

The suspension in bus gave out from the broken rod arm, causing the bus to lose control. The bus veered to the right, the driver over-corrected and turned sharply to the left. The turning put pressure on the right tire, causing it to blow out. The bus slammed into the k-rail, sparks flying as metal on concrete scraped against each other. Then the bus veered to the right and off the road just as bus driver Martin Draper slammed on the breaks. A nearby Camaro driver was sideswiped by the bus and crushed underneath.

The crash killed 7 passengers, the bus driver and the driver of a car and 15 people were injured.

Known Victims[]

  • Bus crash: 9 fatal casualties
    • Gwen Murray
    • Michael Goodman
    • Ryan Hide
    • Sabrina Wright (died in hospital)
    • Martin Draper (bus driving, died of internal bleeding)
    • Calvin McBride (thrown through windshield)
    • 2 other passengers
    • Eric Kelvin (car driver, died in surgery)
  • 15 others injured:
    • Tracy Logan


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