Selfie 2.0
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Season 1
Number 8
Writer Anthony E. Zuiker
Director Eagle Egilsson
Original Airdate April 22, 2015
Previous Episode: URL, Interrupted
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Selfie 2.0 is the eighth episode in Season One of CSI: Cyber.


The cyber team investigates the abductions of young women whose social media pages continue to be updated. Avery helps Trish McCarthy cope with the death of her sister, Avery's former psych patient.


Location services - software on your smart device that constantly tracks your precise location.

In Syracuse, New York, a shadowy figure removes a dead body from the trunk of a car and dumps it in the woods. Approximately one month later, the girl's body is found by hikers. The victim, identified as 20-year-old Elizabeth Marks, actually went missing two years ago; no missing persons report was ever filed due to her strained relationship with her parents. Her death has piqued the interest of the Cyber Division, as her FriendAgenda page is still being updated.

Krumitz goes through Elizabeth's FriendAgenda posts from before the time she was abducted. Pre-abduction, her messages had a negative tone to them; however, that seemed to change post-abduction. Elijah theorizes that the abductor kept Elizabeth alive on social media and had her move to a foreign country in order to minimize suspicion.

Autopsy results show that Elizabeth was stabbed seven times and was restrained for at least 18 months. Furthermore, there are crude tattoos on her lower back. The numbers seven, six, and five have been etched into her skin; seven and six have been crossed out. Avery theorizes that this is the target's way of branding a girl as his own. Since abduction is about possession, Avery believes that the target didn't mean to kill Elizabeth and will try to replace her with another girl.

Krumitz pulls up intel for all women reported missing in New York State over the last three months. Search parameters (Caucasian, under 21 years old, brown hair, 5'2" tall, blue eyes) narrow the pool down to three other possible victims. One of the girls, 18-year-old Missy Bowers, is still uploading posts to her FriendAgenda page after her disappearance. The most recent post fits the M.O., as she reportedly posted about moving to Europe and starting a new life, just like Elizabeth did.

Avery and Elijah speak with Judith Bowers, whose motherly instincts told her that her daughter's FriendAgenda updates were phony. Missy's password-protected computer is up in her bedroom, and Judith mentions that her daughter was dabbling in online dating. She breaks down when informed that Missy may be being held against her will. Avery later tells her that Missy is worth more to her abductor alive than dead, which gives her hope.

A search of Missy's hard drive shows that she was a frequent visitor to TrueLoveWaiting.com, a dating website. One of her frequent contacts is someone who goes by the username "GentleSurgeon1." Dr. Eddie Palermo is soon identified and brought in for questioning. He explains that he paid a monthly lump sum to a girl on another website in exchange for future dates; when the girl ghosted him and changed her username, he tracked her down and physically assaulted her when she was on another date. Avery deduces that Dr. Palermo is telling the truth. When told that Missy has been missing for 36 hours, he hands over his ID badge from the hospital as proof that he had been working for three straight days.

Since Elizabeth didn't participate in online dating, the only thing she and Missy have in common from a cyber perspective is that they both had FriendAgenda accounts. Both accounts contain hundreds of selfies, and an analysis of one photo from each account shows that neither girl ever turned off the location services on their phone. Elijah explains that every time one of the girls took a selfie, they broadcast everything about themselves and didn't even know it. This includes the time, date, and exact location of where the photo was taken, which would allow the target to track them to their home address.

A deeper dive into the metadata on Missy's phone shows that she took a cluster of selfies at a karaoke bar across from her university. Most of the photos were taken at around 10:30 PM, right after she finished her night class. The thought is that she was abducted sometime between leaving class and going to karaoke. While the campus security cameras didn't catch anything, the cameras in the student parking lot across the street show her getting abducted. Facial recognition identifies the abductor as Barry Tipton from Manhattan.

Elijah and his SWAT team confront Barry at his place of work. Barry is in the middle of a meeting, and the attendees are all wearing masks that resemble Barry himself. He explains to Elijah that millions of New Yorkers get their faces on camera every day. His company, No Persona, prevents that by manufacturing masks of Barry's face for the citizen to wear and avoid detection (an "Anti-Big Brother" mask). A whopping 30,000 masks have been sold in the past year and there are no records of the purchases since everyone paid cash to safeguard their information.

Krumitz and Nelson reexamine the abduction video and see that their target is also 5'2" tall, possibly making the target a female. Numbers ranging from seven down to one are spotted on the abductor's back; all but the number one are crossed out. Elijah believes that the numbers are a ranking system; when Elizabeth died, everyone in the abductor's "collection" moved up a rank. Just then, Missy is seen getting branded by another woman under direction from the leader as the other victims look on in horror.

Krumitz informs Avery that they identified all seven missing girls based on their physical descriptions. The earliest victim is Vanessa Gillerman, who was abducted in 2004. Based on her tattoos, the belief is that it was Vanessa who abducted Missy from the parking garage on behalf of the target. Avery speaks with Vanessa's sister, Juliet, who recounts that both she and Vanessa were abused by their father at a very young age. Both women have tried to bury their pasts, but Avery has a plan and needs Juliet to remember the horrible details. The plan is to send Vanessa a direct message on her FriendAgenda wall inviting her to a public chatroom to relive the past. Avery's hope is that this will push Vanessa's buttons and force her to resurface. Juliet sends her sister a message telling her that their father died full of regret for what he did to his daughters. When she proposes that they go public with their pain to prevent the same thing from happening to others, Vanessa reads the message and tries to destroy her laptop in anger.

Vanessa goes back to her childhood home and emerges from her car wearing a Barry mask. Before she can get very far, she's arrested and informed that she's wanted for questioning in Missy's abduction. In interrogation, Vanessa defends her "master" and tells Elijah that she'll only speak to Avery. Juliet watches the interaction from behind the glass and is told that her sister is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome; the longer women are kept by their abductors, the more they're brainwashed to defend them to the death.

Avery enters the interrogation room and shows Vanessa pictures of her family. Vanessa responds by spitting on a picture of her father and calling her sister "the whore" who tried to ruin her online. Avery tries to appeal to Vanessa's desire to be more powerful by convincing her to free the other women; Vanessa, however, tells Avery to "rot in Hell" and laughs maniacally. She then says that she's irreplaceable to her master and that there will never be another "number one." Avery replies that with this, she now has enough information to catch the target, causing Vanessa to start to freak out.

The team gathers the top dating sites on the Web. Because the target is a hypersexualized control freak who just lost his number one girl, his obsessive reaction will be to replenish his "number seven" by going on a dating site. When he goes on the site and enters his desired attributes for a mate, his real name is revealed.

Avery, Elijah and a SWAT team storm the house of Albany resident Jasper Cross. The six women are found chained up in the basement, but Jasper soon makes himself known and points an AK-47 out from behind a curtain. He threatens to kill everyone in the room and refuses to drop his weapon. While Elijah has the SWAT team pull back, Avery tries getting under Jasper's skin. She mentions that Vanessa had called him a coward and theorizes that the only way he can get women is by holding them captive. She then tells Jasper that he's afraid of women, prompting him to step out from his hiding place. When he attempts to shoot Avery, Elijah shoots him twice and kills him. The women are freed and returned to their families.

Avery speaks with Missy and is told that Vanessa is the one who killed Elizabeth. Elizabeth had worked her way up the pecking order, and Jasper allowed her to go out into the real world. A flashback shows Vanessa and Elizabeth in a grocery store. When Elizabeth tried borrowing a customer's phone and calling for help, Vanessa caught her in the act. The assumption is that Vanessa, who had shown Elizabeth a knife to force her into obedience, killed her and dumped her body in the woods.

In a separate storyline, Avery gets a frantic call from Trish McCarthy, the sister of the patient who died when Avery's files were electronically stolen from her practice. Trish is arrested after committing several crimes at her sister's gravesite, and she repeatedly asks for Avery personally. Avery visits the disheveled Trish in a psychiatric hospital. Trish, in the middle of a psychotic episode, admits that she tried digging up her sister's grave because she "didn't like it down there." She rejects Avery's help, blaming her for her sister's death and claiming that Avery was too busy with her Cyber Division work to "hunt down the ghost that haunts her."

Later, a now lucid Trish is released from psychiatric care and meets Avery at her sister's gravesite. The two women let go together by burying necklaces in the fresh dirt. Trish thanks Avery for everything she's done and for loving her sister.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Rosanna Arquette as Trish McCarthy
  • Michael Irby as Navy Cap. David Ortega M.D.
  • Lisa Darr as Judith Bowers
  • Aja Evans as Juliet Gillerman
  • Grace Phipps as Vanessa Gillerman
  • Brett Rickaby as Jasper Cross
  • Patrick Cavanaugh as Craig Tipton
  • Rachel G. Fox as Elizabeth Marks
  • Rafael Petardi as Dr. Eddie Palermo
  • Jonna Walsh as Missy Bowers
  • Coley Speaks as NY CSI #1
  • Jason Williams as Male Hiker
  • Monique Laratt as Gina Vito
  • Taci Lawless as Natalie Walker
  • Andrew McKeough as James
  • Gabriel Baca as Boston Police Officer
  • Alysson Da Silva as Civilian


  • Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue by Art Landry and His Orchestra


  • Hayley Kiyoko (Raven) is credited but does not appear in the episode.


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