Minor Character: Miami
Name Shannon Higgins
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Medical Examiner
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Allison McAtee
First Appearance Going Ballistic

Shannon Higgins was the new Medical Examiner and replacement for Alexx Woods who had resigned to devote more time to her family. Shannon Higgins was portrayed by Allison McAtee.

Season Six[]

Going Ballistic[]

Unfortunately, her first day of work which also happened to be her last ended in tragedy as while studying the body of a man who had fallen from an empty high-rise building, an unknown sniper/gunman began firing random shots, many of which hit the crime scene and caused everyone to run for cover. Shannon wasn't lucky as she got shot through the head and died immediately, her body resting in the crime scene.

As a result, this triggered a gunfight between the sniper and members of the Miami Dade Police Department as well as Horatio Caine, Eric Delko and Frank Tripp who had been at the scene at the time. Once the gunfire had stopped, Horatio listened for a heartbeat, repeating the same pattern he had done when Tim Speedle had been shot but found nothing. Eric had quickly her pulse while under fire and had mentioned that she was gone. It's not known what became of Higgins' remains but it's presumed that she was given to her family for a proper funeral and burial. The case was eventually solved and Higgins' murderer was brought to justice. Higgins was replaced by Tara Price.


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