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She's Gone
Csi vegas
Season 2
Number 1
Writer Graham Thiel
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate September 29, 2022
Previous Episode: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Next Episode: The Painted Man

She's Gone is the first episode in Season Two of CSI: Vegas.


The CSIs investigate the murder of a dominatrix found near her secret sex dungeon.


Victim: Lynn Zobrist (deceased)

On the case: entire team

Max sits with an unseen figure, discussing her job and the lengths she would go to in order to protect her people. That person is Catherine Willows, who is simultaneously seen taking something from the safe in her office at the Eclipse. Catherine tells Max that she stepped away from the day-to-day business at the casino; in addition, she was recently kicked off the board. There’s something she seems to be leaving out, which Max picks up on. Since the team is short-handed, Max hires Catherine, bringing the former CSI back to the lab.

Catherine and Max arrive at the house of Lynn Zobrist, where they find Folsom crouched down next to Lynn’s body. Lynn has been stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass that has no fingerprints on it, and a pair of undergarments is covering her eyes. The time of death is estimated at 36 hours ago. Dominatrix gear fills the living room, indicating that Lynn was no amateur. Loud, muffled music is also thumping through the house; Folsom explains that the killer covered the speakers and the switch, leaving the music playing on a loop. The killer also removed everything from Lynn’s sex dungeon, put it in the living room, and “redecorated” the dungeon itself.

Catherine and Max follow a blood trail from the living room to the dungeon. There, they discover that the entire dungeon has been plastered in mirrors from floor to ceiling, while Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” plays continuously. Back in the living room, blood on the murder weapon’s edge is assumed to be the victim’s, likely from defensive wounds. Meanwhile, Folsom speaks with Lynn’s maid and takes her fingerprints. The maid says that Lynn had no family or friends; her clients were the only ones who ever came over to the house.

CSI Beau Finado is tasked with removing the mirrors from the dungeon. Max tells Catherine that Beau used to work Research and Development for a few Fortune 500 chemical companies before becoming a CSI. He explains to them that he can remove the mirrors and keep the blood evidence underneath intact by setting the heat to a specific temperature—blood proteins can hold up to 600 degrees, while industrial adhesives experience molecular breakdown just north of 590 degrees. His theory is proven, as he’s able to lift the mirrors without disturbing the blood underneath. Soon enough, the mirrors are removed and a large blood streak is found on the carpet.

Tech Penny Gill goes through Lynn’s phone. While it’s unknown who she was seeing the day she died, there are four contacts she talked to the day before. Max orders Penny to call the contacts and request DNA samples; whoever refuses goes to the top of the list of suspects.

Furniture from the sex dungeon is brought to the lab. Folsom tells Catherine that there’s a lot of overlapping evidence; blood, semen, and skin oils have been found belonging to various clients. Based on indentations in the carpet, Folsom is able to determine where some of the furniture was originally placed. Catherine suggests that Folsom use molecular mapmaking, a relatively new forensic tool. She ends the conversation when she gets a text message and departs.

When the mirrors are removed, the CSIs are presented with another puzzle—there’s enough blood present to indicate that Lynn was attacked violently on more than one occasion, as there’s no way she lost that much blood when she was killed.

Allie, who has been in Los Angeles undergoing forensic training with the FBI, arrives at the scene to assist. One of the things she learned during training was molecular mapmaking. The process involves taking a 3D scan of the area, which separates all DNA into distinct layers; each suspect gets their own color, making it easier to determine who had been where. Allie suggests digitally removing Lynn’s blood from the 3D rendering, but Max believes they need to make sense of her original injury first. Folsom determines that the original blood pool was covered by one of the torture tables, which is why Lynn’s clients couldn’t see it. Max uses a digital spectroscope to determine that the original incident occurred five years ago; however, no police reports were filed by Lynn around that time.

Det. Serena Chavez speaks with Dr. Diane Auerbach, Lynn’s psychiatrist. Dr. Auerbach says that they had a session the day Lynn died; Lynn wanted to restart therapy for an unknown reason. She also recalls that Lynn experienced a lot of abuse as a child and she worried that BDSM wasn’t the right career choice for her patient. When shown a photo of old scars on Lynn’s temple, Dr. Auerbach identifies them as having come from electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Lynn’s previous physician, Dr. Sarkisian, attached electrodes to his patients and zapped them. Dr. Auerbach also reveals that she knows who hurt Lynn five years ago; however, the perpetrator, Miguel Sanchez, is no longer alive. Det. Chavez inquires whether mirrors had any significance to Lynn, but Dr. Auerbach has no recollection of such a discussion. However, the doctor fears that whoever did this to Lynn will do it to someone else.

Catherine and Max question the three patients who last saw Lynn alive. Despite some questionable behavior from the three men, none of them show any defensive wounds on their hands or wrists. Meanwhile, Allie and Folsom are having trouble recreating the exact layout of the furniture in the dungeon. It’s been determined which blood is from Lynn’s murder; however, there’s still DNA from at least a dozen men to sift through. Catherine focuses on the blood trail caused by Lynn’s body being dragged. She sees that the trail has a crescent shape to it, as if the body was dragged around something. Folsom believes that indentations in the carpet were made by Lynn moving around different pieces of furniture; however, Catherine guesses that the furniture in question is missing. The thought is that the killer took it so it couldn’t be traced back to him.

Catherine finds burned wood in the fire pit in Lynn’s backyard. It definitely belongs to some type of antique furniture, and Folsom sees that the legs match the impressions from the carpet. The theory is that the killer bumped into it, leaving his DNA behind; he had no choice but to get rid of the evidence. Back in the lab, Beau uses liquid latex to help restore the wood, revealing some blood spots and a dark goo.

Analysis of the goo comes back as tar, which Beau notes can be used in some creams. Max remembers that one of their suspects, Alan Herskovitz, was scratching his arm when he was being interrogated earlier. It was assumed that he was agitated, but it appears that he has eczema, which one would use a cream for. Max rushes back to the interrogation room and takes a sample from the table.

Alan’s place of residence is searched; he’s a hoarder who’s accumulated piles of seemingly useless things. Amongst the mess, the CSIs find a mirrored poster board with a piece missing; the size and shape match the murder weapon. Another poster board contains photos of another man, who Alan has apparently been hunting. At the same time, a strung-out Alan is seen driving his car while listening to Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” He enters the house of his passed-out victim and holds a fork to his face. Police sirens interrupt the incident.

Det. Chavez knocks on Lamont Moore’s door, startling him awake. Lamont is unsure as to what’s going on and claims that he’s alone; however, Alan can be seen standing behind a wall. When he tries to leave, he bumps against a chair leg, alerting Det. Chavez. She gives chase, but is forced to take cover when Alan starts firing at her. Alan then hops over a fence, gets in his car, and drives away, leaving Det. Chavez in the dust. However, he dropped a bloody handkerchief, which Det. Chavez secures as evidence.

Lamont is irate that the police have let a prime murder suspect escape; furthermore, the suspect is stalking him and breaking into his house. He also claims to not know either Alan Herskowitz or Lynn Zobrist. During the conversation, Folsom notices marks on Lamont’s temples, the same ones found on Lynn. Lamont confirms that when he was young, he also had electroconvulsive therapy at the hands of Dr. Sarkisian. He was taken into a room full of mirrors and told to “see the disease.” Meanwhile, Max examines the evidence bag containing the bloody handkerchief and notices a funky smell coming from it.

In the lab, Max determines that Alan is walking around with an infected wound, courtesy of Lynn Zobrist. During the struggle, a bloodied Alan bumped into the pommel, which he had to burn to try to get rid of the evidence. The injury is bad enough that it’s gangrenous, which explains the bad smell. Odds are that Alan has sought medical attention.

A search of the local hospitals reveals that Alan checked himself into Desert Palm; however, when his bed is searched, he’s nowhere to be found. The CSIs soon hear screaming coming from down the hall, where he’s holding a nurse hostage with a scalpel to her neck. An unhinged Alan launches into a soliloquy about getting “hammered into shape” by Dr. Sarkisian, but loving what he found out about himself in the room of mirrors. Max convinces Alan to let the nurse go, then has him arrested for murder. While being arrested, Alan says that the voice in his head spoke to him and made him choose his victims (“more round pegs who couldn’t be fixed”). As he’s hauled away, he repeats “it’s all by design, there’s nothing you can do.”

Victim: Grace Huang (missing)

On the case: Catherine Willows

While speaking with Folsom, Catherine gets a text message from someone named Benny. The message reads “Alonso headed to Fremont.” She goes to Fremont Street, and her eyes are soon drawn to a young Asian woman. Catherine calls out the name “Grace” and starts pursuing the woman only to find that it’s someone else.

During the investigation of the other case, Catherine once again sees “Grace” walking in the lab. Once again, it’s a case of mistaken identity. Catherine snaps back into reality, but Max can see that something is bothering her.

Max sits with Catherine and guesses that something brought her back to the lab. Catherine explains that the girl she’s been hallucinating about is Grace Huang, a WLVU student who’s passionate about becoming a CSI. Because she was new in town and had no money, Catherine got her a job at the Eclipse as a cocktail waitress. However, Grace went missing three weeks ago and nobody at the Eclipse even batted an eye about her disappearance. Suddenly, with no warning, the board called a vote and kicked Catherine off for reasons unknown. She believes that someone is covering up Grace’s disappearance, and she’s returned to the lab to dig deeper. While she tells Max the story, a body is seen being buried in the desert; the assumption is that the victim is Grace.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Kathleen Wilhoite as Dr. Diane Auerbach
  • Joe Gillette as Alan Herskovitz
  • Patrick Cage as Lamont Moore
  • Sarah Gilman as Penny Gill
  • Sue Zen Chew as Grace Huang


  • Heat Seeker by Dreamers
  • Savage (Major Lazer Remix) by Megan Thee Stallion
  • Shinigami Eyes by Grimes
  • Moldau by Christian Loffler
  • The Seeker by The Who


  • It had been mentioned in Season One that Catherine was living in Dublin with her daughter and granddaughter.
  • Coroner Hugo Ramirez is no longer working in the morgue, having traveled to Europe after his art got recognized.
  • Jay Lee, who plays CSI Chris Park, is elevated to the main cast.
  • Ariana Guerra (Det. Serena Chavez) and Lex Medlin (CSI Beau Finado) are added to the main cast.
  • One of the items in Alan Herskovitz’s place of residence is a postcard with nonsensical symbols written in silver ink. The style of writing is similar to the nonsensical writings of the unseen figure at the end of the Season One finale, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and the plotline revolving around this would be visited later on in the season.

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