Shock Waves
Shock Waves.jpg
Season 11
Number 1
Writer David Weddle,
Bradley Thompson
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate September 23, 2010
Previous Episode: Meat Jekyll
Next Episode: Pool Shark

Shock Waves is the first episode in season eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Langston fights for his life after being stabbed by psychopath Nate Haskell, while the other CSIs attend a funeral that turns deadly.


Victims: Raymond Langston (alive), Officer Hooper (deceased), Officer Morales (deceased)

On the case: entire team

After Langston is stabbed by Haskell (as shown in the 10th season finale), Haskell is tased by the other cops and Langston is taken to the hospital along with Haskell where he hallucinates that Haskell is poisoning him through his IV tube. The CSIs assure Langston that he’ll be okay.

Later, they attend the funeral of Franklin Clark, an LVPD officer that was killed by Charlie DiMasa (Dr. Jekyll). Nick wants to watch the funeral, but Brass tells him to leave because the family seems uncomfortable around him, as Nick's orders led to the officer's death. As the distraught CSI sits in his SUV, he notices some cockroaches congregated near a flower delivery van. When Nick searches the van, he discovers a time bomb wire attached to it. Before Nick tries to warn everyone, bombs go off in the casket and the surrounding tombstones. Everyone rushes in panic towards the street, but Nick warns them to stay away before the van explodes, knocking him and everyone else down.

News reports indicate that there were two fatalities from the bombings, both officers. When Catherine asks Nick how he knew about the bomb in the van, he explains that it’s odd for cockroaches to move around during daylight and his curiosity led him to discover the bomb. Greg takes Nick’s suit jacket as evidence and Nick is sent to the hospital once again. Brass believes that Haskell is responsible for the bombing and then goes to visit Langston, who lost a kidney due to the stabbing. Langston instructs Brass to play his own game, not Haskell's. Next door, Brass interrogates Haskell about the bombing, but the questioning doesn’t get anywhere and Haskell is sent back to prison.

Nick returns to work on the scene and meets bomb specialist Kasey Monahan and, together, they discover the three bomb residues along with a cell phone detonator that’s buried underground. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara find numerous nails in the vicinity and envision the bomb coming from a flower wreath. Sara notes that the bomb was designed to maximize chaos.

Catherine, Brass, Ecklie, and Langston (by video chat) go over the evidence together. Langston suggests that the bombs were placed strategically and the bomb in Officer Clark’s casket was placed there to cause fear and make sure that the police took cover behind the tombstones. The tombstone bomb was placed there to injure the policemen that took cover behind them, leaving them with only one direction to head in - the direction of the van. The bomb in the van was placed there to kill the officers that were heading in that direction. Haskell, because he only murdered singly and slowly, is ruled out as a suspect and Catherine thinks that the bomber has a "grudge against cops".

Catherine tries to convince Nick to go home, reminding him that he got shot and nearly blown up within the last few days, but Nick insists on working on the case. She leaves him with a psychologist’s card and tells him it’s department-mandated that he should talk to someone about the shooting. Nick believes he would be of more value to the team if he's working the case, but Catherine tells him that she tried doing the same after Warrick was killed before realizing that no amount of work would help her through her grief.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins examines Officer Clark’s body (which was mutilated from the bombing) and discovers a SIM card that’s consistent with the cell phone detonator, as well as evidence that the bomb was small and meant only to cause panic. Sara is able to recover a phone number from the SIM card which belongs to Thomas Rand, a young military man that was killed in action a month before. When Brass talks to Thomas' widow, she tells him that she donated her husband's cell phone to a local community center.

At the community center, a group of free-thinking Americans are holding a rally where a man named Dr. Huxbee is stirring up the crowd against the government and against governmental enterprises. The police arrive to break up the rally, which leads to a fight that causes the police to use force in order to contain the situation.

While in the hospital, Langston shows Sara news footage of the cemetery before and during the bombs’ detonation. He suggests that if he was the bomber, he wouldn't detonate the bombs until his targets are in the kill zone. This means that the bomber had to have had eyes on the scene. He notices a small remote-controlled plane flying over the site and sees that it starts to crash at the exact time the last two bombs go off. This leads the CSIs to believe that the bomb was radio-detonated, likely by the same controller that was flying the plane.

At the police station, Dr. Huxbee and the members of his rally are brought in for processing. Ecklie tells Brass that since no weapons or explosions were found in the community center, he's going to release all suspects. Brass tells him that none of the suspects have IDs due to their hiding from the government, meaning that they're in the wind once they're let go. He convinces Ecklie to give him some more time investigating the group.

Langston sends Greg to the cemetery to find the plane, which he spots crashed up in a tree. In the lab, a fingerprint is recovered from the plane. Kasey shows Nick that the ticking sound he heard from the underside of the van was from a detonator looking for a signal. This confirms that the bombs were detonated by the plane’s radio controller. The print on the plane matches 21-year-old Alex McCann, who is the older brother of 16-year-old Jason McCann, one of Dr. Huxbee’s followers that were brought into custody. Nick offers to talk to Jason, as he feels he owes Officer Clark that much.

Jason tells Nick that he had nothing to do with the bombs and that he only bought the airplane for Alex. Alex wanted revenge because their foster father was arrested for a minor infraction. Jason claims that Alex only intended to scare the police, not kill them. Nick is able to convince Jason to tell him where his brother is, but as he leaves to alert the team, Jason warns him that Alex has something bigger planned for them.

Nick and Kasey enter Alex’s house cautiously. They discover a trip wire, nine empty bomb cases, and triacetone triperoxide, an ingredient that when placed in the empty pipe bombs would create an explosion large enough to destroy a casino. There's also an empty canister of hydrochloric acid; a snapshot of the barcode reveals that it was bought from a pool supply store.

Realizing that Alex went to the store to restock, Catherine, Nick and Vartann rush to there to find Alex coming out. When Alex pulls a gun out at them, the team shoots him several times until he’s dead. Catherine calms a shaky Nick down and they discover that Alex was planning on bombing the LVPD. Every suspect from the community center is released except for Jason, as he had prior knowledge of the bombings.

Back in the hospital, Doc Robbins visits Langston and gives him a walking stick along with some life advice. Elsewhere, Nick decides to schedule some therapy sessions for himself in order to help him move past what has happened.

Catherine gets a call about a homeless man’s murder and takes Greg with her to the scene. The homeless man died of blunt force trauma and was dragged into another room by the killer. Greg and Vartann follow the blood trail from room to room while Catherine and David Phillips look over the body. Vartann’s flashlight goes out and he has to borrow batteries from Greg. He drops one of them and it rolls toward a tent set up in the room. Catherine senses that something is wrong and she notices a trip wire under the homeless man. She screams at Greg and Vartann not to touch anything. The tent explodes when the battery comes in contact with it, but everyone is able to get out of the way just in time. Catherine says that the bombings aren't over yet.

The episode ends with Jason in his jail cell, smiling towards the camera before bowing his head down.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Major Events

  • Langston lost one kidney in the stabbing by Haskell.


  • When Greg gets the SIM card from Sara he puts it in a card reader with the chip up and only halfway in. The chip is not making contact with any of the electronics in the card reader and it wouldn't be possible to read it.


  • This story line would be concluded in the later season 11 episode, Targets of Obsession.
  • This episode marked series creator Anthony E. Zuiker's return to CSI on a day-to-day basis since the end of season four, when he left to become the show-runner of the second CSI spin-off, CSI: NY.
  • Although listed in the opening credits, Wallace Langham (Hodges) does not appear in this episode.
  • Jorja Fox (Sara) rejoins the main cast.
  • Nick is sporting a sling over his left shoulder, a result of being shot by Dr. Jekyll in the previous episode Meat Jekyll.
  • At Officer Clark's funeral, Brass tells Nick that he's been in his situation before, referring to the season six episode A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2, when he accidentally shot a fellow cop in the line of duty.
  • Except for Catherine, every member of the CSI team gets injured in some way during the episode:
    • Langston is stabbed by Haskell and loses a kidney.
    • Nick, already in a sling, gets blown back from an explosion.
    • Sara injuries her right hand punching a demonstrator at the antigovernmental rally.
    • A member of the same rally punches Brass and leaves him with a black eye.
    • Greg and Vartann suffer minor scrapes from an explosion at the site of a homeless man's death.


  • Jason McCann was played by well-known Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

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