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Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Season 1
Number 10
Writer Craig S. O'Neill
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate December 8, 2021
Previous Episode: Waiting in the Wings
Next Episode: She's Gone

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is the tenth and final episode in Season One of CSI: Vegas.


When David Hodges goes missing, the CSI team searches for any piece of evidence that can help locate him, clear his name, and save the reputation of the lab.


Victim: David Hodges (missing)

On the case: entire team

After having failed to show up for his trial, David Hodges is labeled as a fugitive. He posted a video online confessing his involvement in fabricating evidence; however, it’s been determined that Hodges’ own phone wasn’t used. His location has been tracked to a warehouse, where Sara finds a vacant chair, Hodges’ ankle monitor, and a pair of bolt cutters. Her fear is that Anson Wix (or one of his henchmen) used the tool to cut out Hodges’ tongue, the same thing that was done to Guillermo, another of Anson’s cohorts.

Based on the evidence, Grissom and Sara know that Hodges didn’t run—he was kidnapped. Blood on the bolt cutters is a match to Guillermo’s blood type, giving them hope that Hodges is still alive. Since Anson has cartel clients who will do his dirty work, the assumption is that one of them kidnapped Hodges and forced him to confess. There are no prints on the bolt cutters, meaning there’s no proof that the confession was staged.

Max, who is still suspended, stops by the lab. She tells Undersheriff Wyatt that Hodges was kidnapped and forced to make the false confession. Max once again points the finger at Anson Wix, but the undersheriff continues to maintain that she has no proof. The question is why Anson would have Hodges kidnapped if he was already going to get a guilty verdict. Max points out that Hodges was going to take a limited plea deal, which would’ve cost Anson a lot of money. Someone is going to get blamed for everything, and Max offers to take the heat. Undersheriff Wyatt grants her temporary emergency access on this case alone.

Grissom and Sara search the area where Hodges was held, but they find no evidence of blood anywhere. Grissom spots some marks on a wall along with some hairs that could belong to Hodges; it’s possible he was leaving clues behind. There’s also a dusty smudge on the floor; when it’s electromagnetically lifted, the letters “TIN” are found.

In a hotel room, Anson greets two of his henchmen, one of whom is nicknamed ‘Tiny.’ After instructing them to leave town, he visits Hodges, who is handcuffed to a pipe in an adjacent room. Upon arriving, he places his briefcase down in some kind of substance, which he wipes off. Anson provides his prisoner with water, then says that what he’s doing isn’t just about money—it’s about getting back at CSIs that have ruined his cases over tiny pieces of evidence. “This time,” he says, “the best story wins.” Anson then gets up and leaves, leaving Hodges to die.

Guillermo is laid out on the table in autopsy. The team informs Dr. Ramirez that Anson Wix is behind Hodges’ disappearance; if they can find Guillermo’s killer, they might be able to find Hodges. Dr. Ramirez labels the cause of death as a gunshot to the heart and extracts the bullet. There are ligature marks on Guillermo’s wrists along with some ink; the assumption is that Guillermo tried to escape his restraints with a pen. Max spots something stuck in Guillermo’s throat that turns out to be part of a trunk release handle. A flashback shows him tied up in the trunk of a car, trying to pull on the handle with his mouth and open the trunk.

Folsom cross-references Guillermo’s known associates with the cars they drive. He’s able to determine that the trunk release is from a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron, the type of car registered to one Alfredo ‘Tiny’ Rincon. Max recalls seeing ‘Tiny’ at the basketball court the week before speaking to Guillermo. Meanwhile, Allie discovers that the gun used to kill Guillermo was used in another murder.

Max meets with Sara; their belief is that Hodges overheard one of his kidnappers use the name ‘Tiny,’ which is why “TIN” was written on the floor. Max relays that the slug pulled out of Guillermo was a ballistics match to a cold case in which Manuel Garza was the only suspect; however, there wasn’t enough evidence at the time to charge him with anything. While it’s not conclusive that Manuel killed Guillermo or kidnapped Hodges, the team is getting close. Sara relays that the ink found on Guillermo’s wrist was from a fountain pen with Diplomat Royal Blue ink.

Grissom and Sara analyze Anson’s past press conferences and see that he always had a pen in his front pocket. Sara identifies the pen as a Parker, a brand that only takes a few kinds of cartridges. This still isn’t enough evidence, though, as Anson could argue that someone else has the same pen as him. They need to get the pen itself and see if Guillermo’s DNA is on it; Grissom wonders if he can actually ask Anson to borrow the pen.

Alfredo ‘Tiny’ Rincon is located and brought in for questioning. He feigns ignorance, claiming to not know who David Hodges or Manuel Garza are, nor does he know who Tiny is, saying that his name is Alfredo. Folsom swabs an orange substance from one of Tiny’s shoes (the same substance Anson put his briefcase down in earlier). The shoes test negative for gunshot residue, but this doesn’t rule out the fact that he could’ve been an accomplice. Folsom and Max provide the evidence of Hodges writing Tiny’s name in the dirt where he was held captive; however, Tiny claims to have never been in the room. He’s confident that the CSIs have nothing on him, as they’ve only been able to find “a word in the dirt and a knob that some other dude swallowed.” He also doesn’t recall where his car is, calling it his “old car.” The car is located and brought to the lab; however, it’s already been crushed into a cube.

Grissom goes into the courthouse and purposely runs into Anson. Under the guise of doing a crossword puzzle but having no ink to complete it, Grissom asks to borrow Anson’s pen. Anson reaches for the pen in his front pocket only to find that it’s not there. He places his briefcase down on a table and pulls a pen from there to lend Grissom. It’s then that Grissom notices an orange substance on the bottom of the briefcase, which he swabs while antagonizing Anson.

It’s determined that the substance is the same as what was on Tiny’s shoes. The components combine to form an industrial fragrance, which casinos pump through the air vents to mask the smell of nicotine, among other things. Each hotel uses a different signature scent. Grissom recalls something Tiny said earlier—”maybe your friend checked in some place and then checked out.” This may mean that Hodges is being held in a hotel. Though there are over 150,000 guest rooms in the city, Sara says that the unique fragrance could help narrow things down significantly.

Allie and Folsom disassemble parts of the crushed car. The endeavor is successful, as Folsom finds a cigarette in the ashtray with pink lipstick on it. Next to the cigarette is a partially melted lighter. The fragmented lighter is pieced together digitally, forming a fingerprint that belongs to Tiffani Winters, an exotic dancer with two priors for solicitation.

Max finds out that there are two companies that make most of the industrial scents in Vegas; they were kind enough to supply their top secret fragrances on a flash drive. A search of the formulas comes up with one that’s similar to what was found on Tiny’s shoes and Anson’s briefcase. The fragrance in question is used by the Mosaic Casino. Every room in the casino is searched, but Hodges is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, a chained-up Hodges is able to knock over a table and get his hands on a phone; unfortunately, he finds that the phone’s wires have been cut.

Anson and Hodges’ lawyer attend an ex parte hearing in court, and Anson provides the confession video Hodges posted online. With this new information, the judge lifts the stay on Hodges’ civil trial, which she orders to resume first thing Monday morning.

Allie and Folsom visit the strip club where Tiffani Winters works. She admits that she used to date Tiny, having broken up with him last week. When shown a picture of Manuel Garza, she says that he’s friends with the owners and that she last saw him five minutes ago. The CSIs find Manuel and Tiny in the owner’s lounge, and a chase begins that leads them outside. Allie pursues Tiny, who soon turns around and fires his gun; however, he hits Manuel in the throat. Folsom loses Tiny, who gets away in a blue SUV. Allie tries to tend to Manuel’s wounds and asks him where Hodges is being held. Unfortunately, Manuel is unable to speak and soon dies without providing any information.

Back in the CSI garage, it’s Grissom’s turn to help disassemble the crushed car. While Allie finds part of the broken trunk release, Grissom finds something much more viable—Anson Wix’s pen. When the pen is tested, salivary DNA is found on it. While the DNA is too degraded, the profile matches Huntington’s Disease, which Anson’s sister has. Max informs Undersheriff Wyatt that Huntington’s affects less than .1% of the population. Unfortunately, this evidence is still circumstantial, as the discovery of the pen in the trunk can be spun several different ways. There isn’t enough evidence to convict Anson, but there's enough to arrest him. Max convinces the undersheriff to arrest Anson and bring him in.

Anson hands over his jacket and shoes; Sara also scrapes trace evidence from under his fingernails. Under interrogation, Anson keeps his mouth shut while Grissom and Sara recap the events that have led to this moment. When told about the pen, Anson claims that he lost it and anyone could’ve found it. The conversation shifts to Hodges’ whereabouts, and Anson tells the CSIs that they have no proof of his involvement. Grissom asks him about the scent found on his shoes and briefcase, and Anson invokes his Fifth Amendment rights.

Max discovers that since the time the scent was first processed, its chemical composition changed—the top notes evaporated, which means the scent may have started out as something else. With the knowledge that casinos steal from each other (including fragrances), Sara is tasked with finding out where the scent originated from. The search is successful, as the source is narrowed down to the Green Emerald Casino, which has been shut down since Covid.

The door for the delivery entrance has been busted; it’s most likely how the kidnappers got in. Furthermore, an orange substance is found at the base of the HVAC unit. Since Hodges has been missing for 72 hours with no water, the team is running out of time. They can’t possibly search all of the rooms in time, but Grissom has an idea. He has the manager call every room simultaneously, and they see that the phone in room 208 is disconnected. Grissom and Sara find Hodges in the room; he’s barely alive, but he’s going to pull through.

Grissom and Sara visit Anson in his holding cell and serve him with documents charging him with kidnapping, obstruction of justice, extortion, and attempted murder. Anson is still confident, saying that he’ll get to tell his story in court while Hodges tells his. Grissom, however, provides his own story about a con man lawyer who tried to cheat his way to fortune at the expense of good people who spend their lives trying to provide justice for the innocent. In the end, truth prevails. “Your sister was right,” Grissom tells Anson. “The best story wins.”

In the end, Hodges’ son is born, and a newspaper article about the lab foiling Anson’s plot is shown. Max’s suspension is lifted, and her son helps her move back into her office. Meanwhile, Grissom and Sara ride the roller coaster outside the Mosaic Casino, sharing a kiss before the first big drop.

We flash to someone’s apartment, which is decorated in white furniture. Nonsensical symbols are written everywhere in silver ink, including on the walls, on a lampshade, and on a television screen. A news report describes the discovery of a third homicide victim found in as many nights. The report questions whether a serial killer is on the loose in Vegas, while a gloved hand writes more nonsensical symbols on the cover of a book.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges
  • Jamie McShane as Anson Wix
  • Jay Lee as Chris Park
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Undersheriff Cade Wyatt
  • Luke Tennie as Bryan Roby
  • Sarah Gilman as Penny Gill
  • David Paladino as Adam Tyner
  • Johnny Rey Diaz as Guillermo
  • Anthony Martins as Manuel Garza
  • Carlos Acuna as Alfredo ‘Tiny’ Rincon
  • Quinn Sullivan as Judge Reese
  • Skylar Roberge as Tiffani Winters


  • Heat Seeker by Dreamers
  • Savage (Major Lazer Remix) by Megan Thee Stallion
  • Shinigami Eyes by Grimes
  • Moldau by Christian Loffler
  • The Seeker by The Who


  • When speaking with Folsom about her love life, Allie mentions the pawn shop case he worked a few months back. This occurred in the pilot episode, "Legacy".
  • The mysterious scribblings done by the "man in the white room" reappears as a plot point in several episodes during Season Two.
  • This episode marks William Petersen, Jorja Fox and Mel Rodriguez's final appearances as the original Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, then the sequel as Hugo Ramirez.

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