Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Silvana Cuerto
Gender Female
Family General Cuerto (grandfather; deceased)
Marta Cuerto (sister; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Singer
Pathology Murderer

Murderer by proxy

Assailant by proxy

No. of Victims 1 dead
1 killed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Sandra Vergara
First Appearance Exile

Silvana Cuerto is a murderer who appeared in Season 13 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


She and her sister Marta were born and raised in Cuba, in the middle of a conflict between their family and the Santos family, which it didn't prevent that during childhood, both sisters would meet and become friends with Esteban, a boy who was a nephew to Eddie Santos, a former soldier of the Cuban army in the 70's, who was tortured and imprisoned for six years by his former corrupt superior, General Cuerto (Marta and Silvana's grandfather) after he tried to expose his black market connections, thus marking the beginning of the conflict. Their friendship grew, much to Eddie's dismay.

Silvana developed feelings for Esteban, but Marta and him were growing closer, making Silvana jealous. Knowing that her sister was aware of how much she loved Esteban, Silvana lived with a broken heart, which prompted her to write songs about unrequited love, and develop passionate hate against her sister as years passed.

Esteban and his family left Cuba at age 11, and moved to the United States. 

In her youth, Silvana became a very popular Latin singer, both in her country and internationally.

Season Thirteen[]


She, her sister, and her manager Antonio are on a tour of Cuba in the United States. She tried to throw the cops off the track by poisoning herself. However, it was only enough to make her sick. In the end, she confesses to murdering Marta in order for to have Esteban all to herself after Esteban was killed as a result of her actions.

Known Victims[]

  • February 13, 2013: Marta Cuerto (Kidnapped, tied her up, tortured her with a knife by stabbing her repeatedly and force-fed her cyanide leaves.)

Victims by proxy[]

  • February 14, 2013: Esteban Mejia (Silvana cheated on him and were saying that Antonio was behind Marta's death, knowing that Antonio would come to the hotel room. He gave Esteban a gun to kill Antonio; however Antonio managed to snatch the gun from him and shoot him.)


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