Smooth Criminal
Season 7
Number 14
Writer Aaron Rahsaan Thomas
Director Scott White
Original Airdate February 11, 2011
Previous Episode: Party Down
Next Episode: Vigilante

Smooth Criminal is the fourteenth episode in season seven of CSI: NY.


A shooting in a lounge leads the CSI team to investigate the disappearance of a nurse who is linked to one of them.


A beautiful woman is enjoying an evening in a popular New York City lounge when an stylish man begins to flirt with her. Everything is fine until the man pulls a gun out of his shirt and begins to shoot. He kills two bar patrons, George Parker & Julian Grace, and the bartender. Then, he kidnaps the woman and takes her hostage.

Mac and the CSI team head to the scene to try and connect the dots. They have to work quickly before the woman who was held hostage is killed. The team learns that George Parker & Julian Grace were both terminally ill with exceptionally high levels of uranium in their bodies. The fingerprints at the lounge belong to Camille Jordanson, the woman who was kidnapped and an old friend of Sheldon's.

Camille had been working as a nurse at a clinic, but was fired for stealing prescription medication from her patients. The CSI team finds over one hundred medication bottles at Camille's apartment, but none of the medication that was found belonged to the two patrons who were shot. The team comes to the conclusion that the killer had kidnapped Camille in hopes that she would be able to lead him to another patient at the clinic.

The team learns that the doctor running the clinic had been selling uranium-laced placebos to the patients so they could turn a profit. Camille had been stealing the medication as evidence against the doctor.

The killer was hired by the doctor to kill two of the patients and Camille to cover her (the doctor's) tracks. Mac's team is able to take down the doctor and the killer, and save Camille. After developing a connection with Camille, the killer decided not to murder her at all.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo as The Handsome Man
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Camille Jordanson
  • Adrienne Barbeau as Dr. Theola Kumi
  • Brandon Scott as William Dowd
  • Chad Randall as George Parker
  • Erik Stabenau as Julian Grace
  • Jeffrey G. Barnett as BartenderKen Marion
  • Robert Della Cerra as Superintendent
  • Julie McKinnon as A/V Lab Tech
  • Jaleesa Donna as Dancer

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