Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Stan Richardson
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Former detective
Pathology Serial proxy killer
Modus Operandi Proxy copycat murders, preceded by blackmail
No. of Victims 5 killed by proxy
1 blackmailed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Michael Massee
First Appearance Crime After Crime

Stan Richardson is a retired detective and a vigilante ordering a series of proxy killings on escaped murderers.


Det. Richardson was previously partnered with Sheriff Sherry Liston, and like with other partners, Richardson would drink with her and bitterly rant his fury over criminals getting away from justice. When Richardson was dying from lymphatic cancer, he blackmailed Det. Sam Vega to carry out a hit list of four murderers he wanted dead based on the crimes they committed. Vega was the fifth, as he stabbed an informant to death, and Richardson kept the butterfly knife used as insurance.

Vega first killed Kevin Fetzer, a suspect in the rape and bludgeoning of a boy behind his family's arcade. Fetzer was bludgeoned to death with an arcade ball, dressed in child's underwear on backwards, left on his oversized stage cake with his pants down, and had all but eight candles stolen from the cake. He then fire-necklaced Ramon Castillo, as he executed Diego Barra's girlfriend Marta Arterro the same way. Darlene Crocker left her brother Ken to take the fall for Darlene fatally drugging her 12-year-old daughter with PCC. As a result, Richardson checked out the exact same back and gave it to Vega, who overdosed Crocker on the solution and left her to slash herself with a mirror shard on a hallucinatory trip.

Richardson was tracked from the evidence locker records, but he confessed he committed the crimes alone, which the detectives saw as an obvious lie. The batch of PCC and the butterfly were found in the lock box. Sheriff Liston revealed the last target was Rex Camford, whose wife filed for divorce, leading to him shooting her the next night and throwing her remains into Lake Mead. Vega was there drowning and pistol-whipping Camford, and despite the cops trying to speak to him and convince his surrender, he was shot dead in a suicide by cop, and Camford was arrested at the hospital when his wife's skeleton was found. Det. Richardson left a letter behind admitting all his crimes, naming Vega as the fifth murderer, which was confirmed when traces of the informant's blood were found on the butterfly knife. He died around the same time Vega did, and their funerals were held on the same day.

Modus Operandi[]

Richardson gathered names and evidence of murderers, either to use in copycat murders on the killers as retribution or blackmail Vega to carry them out. he then took the fall to divert suspicion, then left a letter behind when he died to give a full confession.

Known Victims[]

  • 2011:
    • Det. Sam Vega (blackmailed into vigilante copycat murders with the weapon of his first murder; later drove to commit suicide by cop)
  • All the following crimes were committed on Richardson's orders by Det. Vega
    • November 16: Kevin Fetzer (bludgeoned with a wooden arcade ball; pulled down his pants, and put boy's briefs on him and stole candles off his birthday cake post-mortem)
    • November 16-17: Ramon Castillo (fire-necklaced)
    • November 17:
      • Darlene Crocker (poisoned with a severe amount of PCP, leading her to stabbing herself repeatedly with broken mirror shard and bleed to death)
      • Rex Camford (attempted to drown; was rescued)


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