Minor Character: New York
Steve davis
Name Steve Davis
Gender Male
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
City New York
Pathology Serial Killer
No. of Victims 3 killed
1 attempted
1 abducted
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Jake Thomas
First Appearance Clue: SI

"I wanted to hurt her the way she hurt me; by taking away what she loved most. But more than anything, I wanted her to know it was me doing it."

Steve Davis is a psychotic serial killer who appeared in Season Nine of CSI: NY.


At the age of thirteen, Steve, who grew up with wealthy but distant parents, was sent to therapy with Dr. Carly Emerson as treatment for his obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. To make him feel comfortable with her, she would play the board game Clue with him. In adulthood, he fell in love with Dr. Emerson. However, she told him that she had a fiancé and that she must stop having sessions with him. This angered him and caused him to stop taking his medication and begin killing her other patients and her fiancé, basing all of his murders on Clue.

Season Nine[]

Clue: SI[]

Steve targeted Dr. Emerson's other patients. He killed them in various ways, but always used weapons that appear as potential murder weapons in Clue. His first victim, Lisa Weston, was shot with a pepperbox revolver, the weapon used to represent a pistol in most current editions of Clue. His second victim, Ellen White, was hanged with rope. His third victim, Shane Simmons, was struck with a candlestick.

The locations of the victims' deaths were also used to reference Clue; Weston had red hair, making her a reference to Clue character Miss Scarlett, and was killed in Hell's Kitchen, a reference to the Kitchen area in Clue. Ellen White was killed in the Conservatory of Dance, a reference to the Conservatory area in Clue, and her name presumably referred to Clue character Mrs. White. Finally, Shane Simmons was killed and left on a golf course green, making him Mr. Green, near a "ball room" (a pun on the ballroom in Clue).

It was shown that he took photos of the victim, the weapon and the location when he killed Ellen White (and probably the other victims as well) after committing the crime, representing the cards used in Clue to represent potential suspects, weapons and murder locations.

Known Victims[]

  • 2012:
    • November 7:
      • Lisa Weston (shot in the abdomen with an 1830 Allen & Thurber pepper-box revolver; representing "Miss Scarlett in the Kitchen with the Revolver")
      • Ellen White (strangled and hanged post-mortem; representing "Mrs. White in the Conservatory with the Rope")
    • November 8: Shane Simmons (struck in the back of the head with a candlestick; representing "Mr. Green in the Ball Room with the Candlestick")
    • November 9:
      • Dr. Carly Emerson (abducted; was rescued)
      • Clayton (Dr. Emerson's fiancée; attempted, but survived; stabbed in the abdomen with a knife; representing "Professor Plum in the Library with the Knife")


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