Minor Character: Miami
Name Steven Howell and Audrey Yates
Gender Male (Howell)
Female (Yates)
City Miami
Pathology Madam (Yates)
Prostitute (Howell)
Robber (Howell)
Stalker (both)
Conspirators (both)
Modus Operandi Robbery, preceded by GHB drugging
No. of Victims 1+ robbed
1+ stalked
Status Deceased (Howell)
Incarcerated (Yates)
Portrayed By Andrew W. Walker (Howell)
Lucy Lawless (Yates)
First Appearance Cheating Death

Steve Howell and Audrey Yates are a male prostitute and a madam responsible for drugging and robbing married women.


Yates wanted to keep in the game, but hated married women constantly showing up on her grounds. To mark her turf and not have clients sell her out, she partnered with Howell to seduce married women, each of them being spiked with GHB before their money and valuables were stolen. Yates would snap pictures of them and send them to Howell so he'd scout for them. One woman is Lisa Radley, whose wedding ring was taken by Howell, which threw her into a frenzy because she feared her husband finding out.

When another prostitute, Christina Dodd, cuffed Howell before she passed out from the drug, Radley arrived and saw the scene, including an army knife left in the bed frame by Dan Becks, Dodd's husband who was infuriated from his wife's activities. Radley barged in and demanded her ring, but Howell just smugly harassed her. In her mania, she grabbed the knife and stabbed Howell to death, before fleeing the scene and taking the murder weapon.

Yates' DNA was under Howell's fingernails, but she denied being in the sex business still and alleged Howell was her tanning butler, trying to make it seem like since Dodd was having sex for money, a jealous man killed Howell. But when Howell's apartment turned up the missing valuables and pictures of the women, Jane Bartlett identified Yates' reflection in the photos. She confessed she wanted "soccer moms" to keep away from her sex work and partnered with Howell to keep them quiet. Yates was then arrested and incarcerated.