Minor Character: Miami
Name Stewart Otis
Gender Male
Family William Otis (father)
Margaret Otis (mother)
City Miami
Pathology Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
Modus Operandi Strangulation, preceded by rape
No. of Victims 8 killed
3 attempted
Status Executed
Portrayed By William O'Leary
First Appearance Broken

"I will get out. It's my nature."
-Otis to Horatio Caine after being pulled up to a rooftop and arrested

Stewart Otis is a pedophilic serial killer and rapist who appeared in Season One of CSI: Miami.


Stewart is a registered pedophile with a long record starting at age twelve. He has been in and out of prison for years and, as a forensic countermeasure, he cut off his fingerprints and put them back on in a different arrangement, so that if his prints ever did come up at a crime scene they wouldn't register in the system. He has shown to be doing this a long time as he avoids cameras with ease and is very calculating.

Season One[]


I never even got to play with her. -Otis over killing Ruthie Chrighton when failing to rape her.

He snuck into Zany Town disguised as an employee and lured a little girl named Ruthie Chrighton out of the ball cage with cotton candy and took her into the handicapped bathroom and puts a sign up saying "Broken" to ensure privacy. He then proceeds to cut her hair, but then she has a bad reaction to the barbiturates and combined with her cold medicine causes her to start convulsing on the floor. Stewart gets angry and tries to revive her with CPR but fails. Left with no other choice, he makes his escape before the cops show up. They eventually figure out who Stewart is and arrest him for the murder of Ruthie, as well as the other girls the CSIs found in his back yard. While being interrogated by Horatio Caine he expresses his regret at not being able to play with Ruthie.

Body Count[]

He later manages to escape with the help of two fellow inmates, Hank Kerner and Randall Kaye. He then proceeds to kidnap Randall Kaye's daughter, Emma, using a hand crafted school uniform he made in prison. He arrives at Emma's school and offers to take her home which she accepts without question. He then proceeds to cut her hair and dresses her up as a boy, then he tells her that her new name is Bobbie. He then takes her to fellow pedophile Simon Bishop, asking from him to rent an RV and in exchange he would take photos of Emma and give the pictures to him as payment, Bishop agrees. Stewart takes Emma to the woods and strangles her until he presumes she is dead. However, she is actually alive and with her help Horatio realizes that Emma unknowingly gave Stewart a new target in the form of Emma's cousin, Robyn.

With this information Horatio and Yelina rush to Robyn's class field trip to stop him. When he sees the cops he grabs Robyn and makes a run for it, where Horatio catches up to him at gunpoint. Stewart tries threatening Horatio with Robyn's life over the balcony, but this fails as Horatio shoots him in the shoulder. This knocks him over edge and almost to his death. He is unwillingly saved by Horatio even after cutting his hand in order to stop him. He tells Horatio he will get out again and Horatio promises that he will be waiting. However despite this it’s obviously likely he was beaten in prison for his crimes and its also obvious that he was executed for them as well.

Modus Operandi[]

Stewart targeted little girls aged five to eight years old. To prevent his crimes from being connected, he would always abduct his victims in different cities. He would abduct them while they were in public locations, but while they were separated from other people. He would put on a disguise, usually an authority figure costume he made himself, depending on the location he was at so children would be comfortable around him. He would then draw them out with the promise of cotton candy laced with barbiturates to render them unconscious. After the girls ingested the cotton candy, he would take them to a secluded location; cut their hair off, take off their clothes, and make them put on new ones to sneak them out as boys. After he got the girls out, he would take them to his parents' house where he would molest and rape them. He would then fatally strangle his victims and then bury their bodies in his backyard. He also cut off his own fingerprints, cut them up into pieces, and sewed them back in a different arrangement as a forensic countermeasure in case if he left fingerprints at the abduction sites. He would also wore oversized shoes in case he left shoe prints to throw off authorities. He would keep milk cartons that showed missing person photos and information of his victims as trophies.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably molested numerous other unnamed children prior to Broken
  • 2001:
    • July 5, unspecified location: Annika Backlund
    • August 17, Albany, Georgia: Angelique Louis
    • November 25, Miami, Florida: Shauna Owens
  • 2002:
    • February 24, Tampa, Florida: Lorena Ubillus
    • May 5, St. Petersburg, Florida: Raleigh Tomlinson
    • July 10, unspecified location in Florida: Cassandra Reichelt
    • October, unspecified location in Florida: Unnamed victim
    • October 28, Miami, Florida: Ruthie Chrighton (accidentally killed with the barbituates in her cotton candy)
  • 2003, Miami, Florida:
    • May 19: Emma Kaye (abducted, raped, molested, and non-fatally strangled; was rescued)
    • May 20:
      • Robyn Kaye (Emma's cousin; abducted and intended to molest and rape, then attempted to kill by throwing off a balcony; was rescued)
      • Horatio Caine (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally stabbed in the hand)


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