Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Stu Kirchoff
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Club owner
Pathology Proxy mass murderer
Proxy arsonist
Modus Operandi Arson for hire
No. of Victims 3+ killed by proxy
1+ injured by proxy
3+ attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By John Ratzenberger
First Appearance Torch Song

Stu Kirchoff is a nightclub owner and an arson and mass murder facilitator.


Kirchoff was ready to collect insurance on his old club, the Lockjaw Club, leaving it in disrepair for the very purpose, from flammable foam hanging from the walls to no sprinkler system. Planning on an arson, he hired arsonist-for-hire Ian Baxton. Baxton started a fire in a far corner of the club, ready to escape out the door, while a white supremacist hatecore band, White Rising was on the stage. A car was blocking the door, so Baxton couldn't get out. He was badly burned, two of the bandmates were incinerated in the flames, one man died from being trampled, and another man was strangled to death before the fire started. Kirchoff was questioned an reprimanded by the poor construction, questioned about the guitar. He says he pawned it to get money he needed for the club. When Baxton was tracked by tracking the forensics of the arson, a firefighter who knew him revealed he only burned for hire. The precise cash withdrawal for the guitar was found in Baxton's apartment, and Kirchoff's fingerprints were found on the paper bag. He bitterly admitted to the arson setup. He defended himself by saying he didn't try to get people killed, but at the same time, he didn't care about the victims from the new generation becoming unruly and turning his club into a riot. Russell inquired where Kirchoff thought he was since he was as old enough to have a conscience and set an example to them. Kirchoff was then arrested and incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Kirchoff hired Baxton to set the club on fire, them pawned a guitar he hung on a wall as payment for Baxton's services. The club was left in disarray to ensure the fire spread enough that Kirchoff was compensated for the damages.

Known Victims[]

The following were committed by Ian Baxton at Kirchoff's direction: (all incidental)

The Lockjaw Club fire:

  • Rene Nylan (lead hatecore singer; burned alive)
  • Kurt Harper (hatecore bassist; burned alive)
  • Kevin Ellis (trampled to death by fleeing crowds)
  • Ian Baxton (barely survived; severely burned)
  • Caleb Voight (nearly injured; he escaped)
  • Jeremy Douglass (nearly injured; he escaped)
  • Numerous others injured, in critical condition, and nearly injured


CSI:Crime Scene Investigation


  • John Ratzenberger, the actor who portrays Kirchoff, used to be a co-star with leading cast member Ted Danson on the hit sitcom Cheers.