Summer in the City
Summer In The City
Season 2
Number 1
Writer Pam Veasey
Director David Von Ancken
Original Airdate September 28, 2005
Previous Episode: What You See Is What You See
Next Episode: Grand Murder at Central Station

Summer in the City is the first episode in Season Two of CSI: NY.


A very skilled and famous skyscraper climber falls off the Empire State Building while attempting to scale the building. Mac and Hawkes, on his first field assignment, investigate the case. In another part of the city, Stella and Danny must solve the mysterious death of a famous designer found dead, wearing his latest creation which is a bra made of diamonds. Aiden works solo on a rape case.


A woman wakes up in an apartment opposite the Empire State Building. After ordering the man in the bed to leave, she opens the curtains and sees a man climbing the Empire State Building. She phones someone wishing them to pick up. Soon after, the climber falls to his death and his brain splatters all over the people watching him below.

Mac, Stella and Sheldon are at the scene of the crime when Flack gives them a jar with about 50% of the brain in it. Flack also says he has found about 10% more. Mac and Flack go up to the victim, who is Paul Gizner. He also had previously climbed the Chrysler Building. Mac discovers his phone, which shows he had tried to dial 911 and which was covered in resin powder to soak up sweat.

Mac then uses an elevator platform to see the outside of the building and follows the resin powder to see where he was while Sheldon tries to discover more about the victim. Mac finds the end of the trail at floor 34 and Sheldon and Mac go and investigate the room. They discovered that the victim banged on the window, and found blood spatter on the chair, a palm print on the table and a positive pregnancy test.

Stella, Danny and Aiden find a dead man wearing a diamond bra outside an apartment. The victim also had blood around his mouth, but no apparent trauma to the jaw. There weren't any signs of strangulation, stab or gunshot wounds on his body either. They find mud trace on the floor and Stella IDs the victim as Whitman Price, the designer of the diamond bra.

Stella and Danny go to ask the model who posed in the bra a few questions. She tells them the only anomaly is the victim left without security. The model also has a security officer who goes everywhere with her. The ME tells Stella that Price died due to being hit in the chest after swallowing something. This led to internal bleeding. After cutting open his chest they discover it was a diamond that he swallowed.

Sheldon discovers a mosquito on the table that was transported there. Mac finds GSR on the back of a chair consistent with a revolver. The climber may have seen a murder and tried to dial 911. They locate the gunshot victim who was dragged into a closet. The victim was Lee Dillard who had been bitten by the mosquito. Mac catches the mosquito so they can test it for the shooter's blood. They question Lee's business partner Eli Bishop who is wearing a bandage, making his hand print similar to the one on the table.

Sheldon performs an autopsy on the mosquito back at the lab while Danny inspects the bra for fingerprints and Aiden is processing the mud. While inspecting the diamond that was swallowed, Aiden gets a call and leaves the lab. Stella and Danny learn that Fred Becker's fingerprints were on the bra and the swallowed diamond was a fake.

Mac questions Adam, Lee's assistant, about the murder. He shows him a pen collected from the crime scene that belongs to the hotel where he is staying. Adam also scratches his hand throughout the interrogation. He admits the pen is his, but says Lee stole it from him like he normally does.

Danny and Stella question Fred about the bra and he tells them he was distracted by the models, so he and the victim took off, because he had had enough of waiting.

Aiden is in a café talking to her friend Regina. Regina says she has been raped again by the same person, DJ Pratt. She recognized him because he smelled of paint thinner.

Flack and Sheldon get Lee's wife to identify Lee and then question her. She says they are having a tough time and she went jogging at the time of the murder. Sheldon then takes a glass from her and processes it for fingerprints. They are a match to those on the pregnancy test. He also finds out the DNA from the mosquito is that of the victim and an unknown male. Mac goes back to the mosquito and finds GSR on it.

Aiden looks into Regina's rape case by examining her clothes. Mac tells Aiden she has been formally assigned to this case.

The soil from Whitman's body is from Central Park. They then suspect the model, Nicole, but Stella says she is too skinny to punch someone hard enough to cause internal bleeding. They then suspect her personal security officer. They visit him at the next photo shoot; the bodyguard runs off, but Danny catches him.

Aiden goes to see DJ Pratt to ask him about raping Regina. He is working with paint thinner at the time. He is also wearing a ring which has a similar design on it that was found in a bruised form on Regina's face.

Danny discovers the bodyguard's fist matches the bruises on the victim, which proves he killed Price. Stella revisits Nicole and discovers she swapped the real diamond for the fake one and hung the real one on a decorated tree.

Mac and Sheldon realize that Adam shot Lee, but they don't know why. Mac remembers the blinds were open and when he was on the elevation platform, lots of people from the hotel across the road were looking at him, so they deduce that they were open so someone could watch the murder. They go to the apartment where the episode began and tell the woman they know she was there to watch Adam kill her ex-husband, Lee. Adam is carrying a bag full of money, which is payment for killing Lee. The reason the woman, Connie, phoned someone at the start of the episode was she was afraid the climber would witness the murder.

Aiden asks the evidence clerk for Regina's old rape case evidence. She opens DJ Pratt's hair sample and leaves it hanging in tweezers over Regina's clothes...


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Chad Williams as D.J. Pratt
  • Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao
  • David Julian Hirsh as Zack Shannon
  • Alla Korot as Connie Williams
  • Tom Schanley as Eli Bishop
  • Jamie Elman as Adam Sorenson
  • Katherine Boecher as Nicole Jordan
  • Amy Stewart as Brenda Dillard
  • Elizabeth Bennett as Regina Bowen
  • Peter Dobson as Fred Becker
  • Mark Alken as Whitman Price
  • Allen Lulu as Officer
  • John Johnson as Fashion Photographer
  • Gary Kasper as Bodyguard
  • Greg D'Agostino as Uniformed Cop
  • Natalina Maggio as Tennis Star
  • David DiBrienza as Cop in Station
  • Danielle McKee as Lab Tech


  • When looking at the mosquito that had supposedly bitten the victim and his assailant, it is not plump and fat, nor does it have any blood in its sack.

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