Minor Character: Miami
Susie Barnham
Name Susie Barnham Keaton
Gender Female
Family Bob Keaton (ex-husband; deceased)
Raymond Caine (biological father of Madison)
Madison Keaton (daughter)
City Miami
Status Alive
Portrayed By Azura Skye
First Appearance Freaks and Tweaks

Susie Barnham-Keaton is a former meth addict who became involved in Horatio's personal life after revealing she had known his late brother, Raymond Caine.


While Susie was married, or just in a relationship, with her now abusive ex-husband, Bob Keaton, Susie and Raymond engaged in a sexual relationship, (though it was never specified how long it lasted) and Susie fell pregnant with Raymond's child. Susie wasn't aware if Raymond or Bob was the father so she assumed the child belonged to Bob. Susie then gave birth to her daughter, Madison Keaton. Susie never told Raymond about Madison because Raymond was killed before she could tell him she was pregnant.

Season One[]

Freaks and Tweaks[]

Susie is first introduced in Season One. She was kidnapped by someone called Chaz and was thrown into a dog house, where Horatio found her and brought her to safety. Susie and Chaz used to know Raymond when they would get high together, or 'tweak'.

Season Two[]

Big Brother[]

After Susie rehabs in Indiana and returns to Miami, Horatio learns that her daughter, Madison, is Raymond's child and his niece. Susie wasn't aware of the fact that Madison was not Bob's, though she did have her suspicion. Horatio confirmed this when took a sample of Madison's blood from a cut she sustained on her knee, and matched her blood with Raymond's.

Money for Nothing[]

While Susie and Horatio were discussing a price for an apartment for her and Madison to live in, an armored truck carrying $3.2 million is robbed down the street. Afterwards Horatio told Susie to get the more expensive apartment downtown so they would be closer to him, and bid them a farewell. Yelina Salas, Raymond's widow, sees Horatio talking to Susie and Madison and assumes the child belongs to Horatio.

Season Three[]

Nothing to Lose[]

In a later episode, her daughter becomes terminally ill. Neither Horatio nor Susie are matches for a bone marrow transplant, but he convinces Yelina to have her son tested. Presumably, Ray Jr. is tested and proves to be a match, and Madison is cured, although it has never been confirmed what happened to her.


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