Minor Character: Las Vegas
Brigid Brannagh & Larry Holden CSI Face Lift
Name Tammy Felton (born Melissa Marlowe)
Darin Hanson
Gender Female
Family Joseph Felton (Tammy's foster father and kidnapper; deceased)
Mara Felton (Tammy's foster mother amd kidnapper; deceased)
Hank Marlowe (Tammy's biological father)
Mrs. Marlowe (Tammy's biological mother)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Career Criminals
No. of Victims 1 victimless robbery
1 killed by Tammy
3 killed by Darin
Status Deceased (both)
Portrayed By Brigid Brannagh
Larry Holden
First Appearance Face Lift

Tammy Felton (born Melissa Marlowe) and Darin Hanson were a Bonnie and Clyde-like team of criminals who lead the Casino Heist Crew and appear in Seasons One and Two of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


In the late 1970s in Colorado, the Marlowes gave birth to a daughter, naming her Melissa. When Melissa was four years old, she was kidnapped by her babysitter, Mara Felton. She and her husband, Joseph, renamed the little girl Tammy and lived together as a family, raising her as their daughter.

After four years had passed, they moved to Las Vegas, where they met a man named Darin Hanson. They all were friends for 15 years and had barbecues together. Mara later died of unknown causes; after this, her husband turned to a life of crime. In 1999, Darin and Joseph robbed a safe using a plasma lance. They were eventually caught by the police, and Joseph sold Darin out for immunity. However, in reality, Joseph was the one who used the plasma lance.

Season One[]

Face Lift[]

Two years later, after getting out of prison, Darin hooks up with Tammy and tells her about her mother and father kidnapping her when she was four. During a break-in Tammy and her father had been planning for weeks, they break into a pottery store, where Tammy seizes the moment and kills her father in revenge for taking her from her family. Afterwards, Tammy travels down to the morgue to say one last goodbye to her father. She pretends to be sad about his death when, in actuality, she's a sociopath.

Later, Catherine notices the plant spores on Tammy's jacket and realizes she was at the crime scene. Tammy confesses to being there, but she lies and says she was there to stop her father from robbing the store. Catherine believes her at first, but after Melissa's forensic picture is finished, she realizes that Melissa and Tammy are one and the same. After this, they begin to suspect Tammy of murdering her foster father. They bring the Marlowes in to tell them that they found their daughter, but when Mrs. Marlowe goes to hug Tammy, she gets rebuffed when Mrs. Marlowe asks who she is. Catherine tells her, and they realize the connection between the Marlowes and Feltons.

They show up at Tammy's house with a search warrant and turn up a pair of gloves with traces of the murder weapon on them and her fingerprints inside them. Tammy is subsequently arrested for murder and hauled off to jail. She tries to trick everyone into believing she has dual personalities relating to her two names. However, Catherine sees through this and walks away while Tammy taunts her. Tammy gets her biological parents to post her bail, and they buy bus tickets to 22 different states, allowing her to escape without being tracked. Catherine finds this out and she and Brass confront them with the charge of aiding a suspected felon, breaking the news that she won't follow through with plans like meeting up with them once free. They are unrepentant, believing they've done the right thing and 'Melissa is free'. Meanwhile, Tammy leaves the bus in the middle of nowhere and is picked up by Darin, driving off into the desert.

Season Two[]

And Then There Were None[]

After Tammy and Darin ran off together, they fled authorities in Las Vegas. At an unknown point, they partnered up with an ex-con named Adam Brower and a convenience store clerk named Dustin Bale. They formed a plan to steal a lot of money from casinos and Darin recruited a pit boss named Max Duncan to help with this. Their first heist was in Laughlin, where they robbed the Cottage Casino in a practice run for a much bigger job in Las Vegas. Darin and Tammy decided, however, that they were not going to share they profits of the Vegas job with their partners, so Darin killed Dustin at his convenience store, using a potato as a silencer.

However, they were surprised by the appearance of State Trooper William Spencer, who drew his gun and attempted to arrest them. Tammy gave him a bribe to look the other way in addition to a cut of the Vegas job. He agreed and let them go to prepare. They go into the Tower Club, shoot up the place, and make off with $250,000. During the heist, Darin kills Adam with a single shot in the back. They then enter their getaway vehicle and head out to the desert for their secondary vehicle.

After they get out of the car, Darin strangles Tammy to death and takes off on a RMX bike to the silica mines to meet Max and William. William gets there first, but takes a page from Darin's book and shoots him execution-style, taking all the money for himself. The CSIs later identify him as the killer and arrest him after finding the money in his locker at the police station.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably committed numerous crimes prior to Face Lift
  • 1999, Nevada: A victimless robbery (committed together with Joseph Felton)
  • 2001, Nevada:
    • Las Vegas: Joseph Felton (Tammy's adoptive father; bludgeoned with a troll statue three times by Tammy)
    • Laughlin: An unknown number of people injured in the Cottage Casino heist
    • Calnevari: Dustin Bale (accomplice; shot at point-blank range with a potato-silenced gun by Darin)
    • Las Vegas:
      • The Tower Club heist (one fatality):
        • Adam Brower (accomplice; shot from behind by Darin)
      • Tammy Felton (accomplice; manually strangled by Darin)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Dustin Bale (deceased; accomplice in first heist)
  • Adam Brower (deceased; accomplice in both heists)
  • Max Duncan (incarcerated; inside man in both heists)
  • Officer William Spencer (incarcerated; silent partner in second heist)


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