Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Tanya Carrow
Gender Female
Family Frank Carrow (father)
Haley Jones (daughter; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Babysitter (formerly)
Pathology Murderer

Drug addict

Modus Operandi Drowning
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Mim Drew
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Tanya Carrow is a murderer who appeared in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Carrow's a young woman who babysat Melissa Jones, the infant daughter of Mark and Nicole Jones. She also had a history of drug abuse and promiscuity and a criminal record of misdemeanors. One night, Carrow left Melissa unattended in the running bathtub obviously to also unfortunately get high, resulting in Melissa fatally drowning. The Jones were devastated, and Carrow was incarcerated for accidental manslaughter. When Carrow was pregnant again while she was in prison, she offered the Jones her child, a daughter named Haley, leading to her taking on the family's name. Nicole could never get over Melissa's death and hated Haley's resemblance to Carrow for years. Haley grew into a teenager who was curious and active. When she was a victim of cyberbullying, she became rebellious, hating Nicole for embarrassing and restricting her so often, and eventually became goth, evoking the looks Carrow herself. Carrow got out of prison and wanted to see her daughter for the first time since she was adopted. Nicole not only refused her permission, but spiked Carrow's tea with a lethal dose of meth, poisoning her. A hotel guest noticed Nicole with the teacups and could smell the meth, but the crime would be unresolved for months. Carrow's father, Frank, was devastated identifying her corpse. Nicole was later arrested, but when they caught her for also murdering Haley, who found out about Carrow and got into an argument with Nicole and was stabbed with scissors when Nicole threatened to cut her hair to take away Carrow's look. Nicole would always lament Haley "haunted [her as] the ghost of the woman who killed Melissa".

Known Victims[]

  • Melissa Jones (unintentionally left to drown in a bathtub)