Minor Character: Miami
Name Tanya and Lloyd Arrington
Gender Male (Lloyd)
Female (Tanya)
Family Jason Sloan (Tanya's son)
City Miami
Pathology Abuser (Tanya)
Incriminator (Lloyd)
Modus Operandi Battery
False Burglaries
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
1 framed
Status Both incarcerated
Portrayed By Latarsha Rose (Tanya)
Robert Gant (Lloyd)
First Appearance Hostile Takeover

Tanya and Lloyd Arrington are a couple of incriminators and abusers appearing in Hostile Takeover in CSI:Miami.


Tanya was married to a man named Matthew Sloan, with whom she had a son named Jason. She left him for someone else, Lloyd Arrington, Arrington framing Matthew for a burglary to fake conditions for a restraining order on Matthew and get more custody of Jason, who was regularly battered by Tanya and never stopped by Lloyd or the system, the latest injury being his wrist so badly pulled and broken he needed a cast to set his bones. When Matthew lost his business with Darren Ripley after Ripley was pushing counterfeits for extra cash, Matthew snapped, taking hostages in the MDPD crime lab after lots of planning, escaping after much chaos and he got Ripley's money delivered to the lab to be found out as counterfeit before escaping, resulting in Ripley's arrest after the hostages were rescued. Matthew refused to come back until the rest of the wrongs were righted, so Tanya reveals the restraining order and still plays off the ruse. A fresh burglary scene yields a hair, but it's not Matthew's-it's Lloyd's, revealing the con and resulting in Lloyd's arrest. After looking at Jason's bruise and seeing a smaller, leaner handprint, Tanya's revealed as Jason's batterer, confronted by Horatio Caine and told there's no forgiveness for what Tanya did, Tanya barely trying to lamely self-defend. Once Tanya's arrested and the news reports all the crimes being ousted, Matthew surrenders himself and Jason's placed in protective custody. The Arringtons are soon after incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Jason Sloan (battered by Tanya, harassed and neglected by Lloyd)
  • Matthew Sloan (framed for burglary by Lloyd and battering Jason by Tanya, resulting in an illicit restraining order)