Minor Character: Las Vegas
CSI Devon Gummersall
Name Taylor Reed
Alias The Sliding Door Rapist
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Rapist
Sexual assailant
No. of Victims 5 stalked
2 sexually assaulted
1 attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Devon Gummersall
First Appearance One Hit Wonder

Taylor Reed, aka "The Sliding Door Rapist", was a rapist, stalker/peeping tom who appeared in Season Three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Not much is known about Taylor prior to his criminal activities. It is known however, that five months before he started attacking women, he committed breaking and entering into an apartment located within the same complex he would start his attacks. Before that, Reed would stalk women outside their windows and sliding balcony doors, masturbating and leaving his crusted semen at the scenes.

One Hit Wonder[]

Reed eventually escalated to sexual violence in the beginning of the episode. When breaking into the home of Doreen Bainbridge through her window and failing to get to her directly while she was in her bedroom, because her treadmill blocked the door, Reed helped himself to a glass of water and crept out, then chose to break into the apartment of Joanne Crooks. After masturbating outside her window, he slipped in through her sliding door and pounced on her, sexually assaulted and orgasming on her. Joanne was so scared she could only speak with Willows because she was a woman, and Willows convinced her to not throw out her bedding and give it to the police for evidence, as well as join them for getting samples from the stains on her.

Reed's semen stains outside the apartments are collected, and his previous peeping crimes are tracked in reports. Tracking the floor plans and the women's lives not having commonalities except places or residence, Reed is surmised to be a nearby resident and to eventually escalate to cover up forensic traces now that the news knows of the spree. The team's suspicions of Reed attacking again is confirmed when breaking into the apartment of and raping Susie Spiegel, while wearing a condom. Just when Reed was ready to break into the apartment of a woman named Jennifer, a neighbor named Wendy Orr used her jiu jitsu experience to immobilize him for an arrest. Reed alleged he was just looking or apartments, pulling out classified adds and saying he could only look at night because of work schedules. Reed's shoe size fits a print at a previous crime scene, but knowing Reed's DNA is needed to catch him, the team manipulates him into charging Wendy with assault. She's horrified, but she agrees to be swabbed for Reed's DNA. It's a match to a previous burglary from five months ago, where Reed cut his hand on glass.

Since he's instead retreating his crimes to a specific block, they track his previous crimes to get more evidence. Speaking to women at different apartments, Reed shockingly answers the last door they came to. He says he lives there and just moved in, despite it not being the address on his license. The police figure he went back to the area he was first committing crimes in Through the moving boxes, Willows finds Reed's scalped pulled out of his head and on the floor, matching the wound in his head. A woman is found in the closet, bound and gagged, presumably the real owner of the apartment. She's rescued and sent to the paramedics, while Reed is arrested and incarcerated for his crimes of burglary, sexual assault, and hostage-taking.

Modus Operandi[]

Taylor targeted young women who lived in an apartment complex, mainly those whose apartments had a "Floor Plan C" structure. He would stalk and spy on them repeatedly, masturbating to orgasm outside their windows and balcony doors. He gained access into them as they had sliding doors and windows next to the door lock, making it easy for him to break in. When he started escalating, he would target two apartments on the same night. He managed to sexually assault two of his victims in their homes, with Susie Spiegel being the only one who was raped, during which he wore a condom. He also kept a woman who lived in an apartment he broke into bound and gagged in the closet.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably stalked other women and broke into their homes prior to One Hit Wonder.
    • September 2002: Breaking and entering.
  • 2003:
    • February 4-5:
      • Doreen Bainbridge (intended; broke into her home but could not access to her room)
      • Joanne Crooks (sexually assaulted)
    • February 5-6:
      • Susie Spiegel (raped)
      • Jennifer (intended, but was interrupted)
    • February 6: Unnamed woman (attempted; kept her bound and gagged and hid her into the closet, but was rescued)


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  • Reed appears to be inspired by Paul Callow, nicknamed "The Balcony Rapist". Callow scaled balconies to targeted women in Canada in the apartments the balconies belonged to, starting with peeping, then escalating to sexual assault and rape at knifepoint. The last woman who was raped sued the police for failing to warn her so she could protect herself. Callow was released and eventually became a minor local public figure when making appearances on a talk show and later a game show.