Minor Character: Miami
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Bomber

Mass Assailant

Modus Operandi Cellphone bomb
No. of Victims 3+ bombed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Matt Barr
First Appearance Not Landing

The rich teen valet cellphone bomber (real name unrevealed) is a reckless teenage bomber nearly injuring the CSIs and appearing in Not Landing in CSI:Miami.


The rich teen loaded his cellphone with explosives as a prank and placed it on a valet to see what would happen. The bomb didn't go off and the valet instead died from a hemorrhagic brain aneurysm while still in the car he was driving. Alexx Woods and Tim Speedle got on the scene, but the bomb went off while they processed it, though no one was injured. Woods determined the valet's death back at the morgue, and realizing it's unrelated, Speed tracked the cellphone back to the teen with his serial number. He brought him in and got an incredulous confession, leading Speed to arrest him and incarcerate him for a few years.

Known Victims[]

  • Unidentified valet (nearly blew up with a bomb in the teen's cellphone as a prank; died from a brain aneurysm instead)
  • Alexx Woods (nearly blew up with a bomb in the teen's cellphone; survived)
  • Tim Speedle (nearly blew up with a bomb in the teen's cellphone; survived)