Minor Character: New York
Name Teena Milford
Gender Female
City New York
Pathology Murderer
No. of Victims 1
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Kirsty Lee Allan
First Appearance Near Death

Teena Milford is a shooter responsible for the attempted murder of Detective Mac Taylor. She appears in Season Eight of CSI: NY.


Not much is known about Teena's early life, except for the fact that she is a drug addict. At some point before, she started dating Darius Cole and he began doing drugs as well.

Season Eight[]

Near Death[]

While Darius is inside a pharmacy robbing a pharmacist, as he is trying to get some oxycodone, Mac Taylor went inside to pick up a prescription for bank robbery suspect Hank Shelton, immediately walking into the hold-up. When Darius cocked his revolver at the teller, Mac pulled out his gun and they began firing which Mac is able to shoot Cole twice in the chest; killing him instantly.

As he approaches him, Teena comes in and discovers Mac; who asks her if she has a cell phone, to which she replied yes. He tells her to call 911, but instead, she pulls out a gun from her jacket and shoots Mac in the back before grabbing the pills and fatally shooting the pharmacist in the neck. As she runs out, Flack is irritated that he has her on tape, but can't get a clear shot of her face. Adam tells him that he'll take the surveillance tape back to the crime lab to identify her. While Mac is in surgery, Lindsey tells Jo that they identified Teena from her handprints that they dusted from the counter when she was grabbing the pills.

While Danny and the other CSI's arrive at her apartment, they discover that she's not there; to which Flack tells him over the radio that he's in pursuit of her on foot. After a foot chase, they end up chasing Teena through a parking lot full of school buses. While they're looking for her, she pulls out her gun that was used to shoot Mac. As they chase her, she starts firing at them, to which they fire back.

While she's trying to escape from them, Flack grabs her by the ankles and she falls to the ground as Danny, Lindsay and the SWAT team find her. Flack points his gun at her, to which she tells him to "do it", which Flack responds by yelling at her to "shut up" and tells her that it's short for "you have the right to remain silent". Danny places her in handcuffs as Flack walks away. Eventually, Mac pulls through and Teena is arrested for his attempted murder.

Known Victims[]

Known Accomplices[]

  • Darius Cole (boyfriend, deceased)


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