Minor Character: Miami
Name Teresa
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer

Torturer Vigilante

Modus Operandi Torture
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 tortured
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Vicki Davis
First Appearance A Horrible Mind

Teresa (surname unknown) is a student and the torture-murderer of psychotic and sadistic professor Adam Metzger, appearing in A Horrible Mind in CSI:Miami.


She reluctantly took part in multiple experiments of his, including presiding over his students torturing a Dalmatian to death while she took notes, crying the whole time. One day, when he was harassing her over her performance in the class since he was pushing her to defy herself, she snapped and decided to take it out on him. She started maiming him with office supplies, including beating him with the stapler and cutting him with the staple remover, causing 13 wounds from each to denote the number of students in the exclusive class. She them forced him out to the field where the dog was buried, only in his underwear to add to the humiliation, before hanging him from a tree slowly, the noose weighed by the handcuff knot hogties keeping him suspended in such a position. Once she left him for dead, she cleaned up the carnage she left to cover up her crimes. What she was horrified to find out was that his terrorizing her was part of his experiment all along, even if at the cost of his own life, which they both didn't realize until it was too late. She was eventually found out by the CSIs and confronted with the evidence and motive in interrogation. She calmly admitted if she knew the truth, she never would've lost it and attacked him, but she was still glad he was finally dead. She was then arrested and incarcerated for her crimes.

Known Victims[]

  • Adam Metzger (tortured to death by cutting and beating with office supplies, then forcing out to the Everglades only in underwear and hanging from hogtie-weighed noose)