Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Teri Miller
Gender Female
Family Unnamed husband
City Las Vegas
Occupation Forensic Anthropologist
Status Presumed Alive
Portrayed By Pamela Gidley
First Appearance Who Are You?

Teri Miller was a forensic anthropologist called by Gil Grissom's team several times throughout Season One of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to assist with their investigation.

Season One[]

Teri first appears in Who Are You? when she was called by Gil Grissom in order to reconstructs a woman's face from a skeleton and mold in order to identify her. The next time, she appears is in To Halve and to Hold where she helps Catherine Willows and Gil Grissom to piece together an skeleton found in the desert.

In this episode, at the end, she has a romantic date with Grissom; however, he is called away to a crime scene for his expert knowledge of forensic entomology. Before he can apologize to Teri, she is gone.

Teri later appears in Face Lift where she uses age progression software which identifies a missing girl as Tammy Felton. During this episode, Grissom asks her, "Will we ever have dinner again?" She replies, "Oh, we'll have dinner. Just not together."

Her last appears in the first season is in Evaluation Day where she identifies a headless body as a gorilla, not the human they assumed it was at first.

Season Three[]

Teri makes her last appearance in Snuff to help Grissom identify and to reconstruct the face of another skeleton which turns out to be a boy with Down Syndrome. Grissom talks to her and finds out that she got married to a teacher since her brief fling with Grissom, thus removing any possibility of a romance between her and Grissom, and probably to close her history on the show.

Season Seven[]

Teri is briefly mentioned in The Good, The Bad, and The Dominatrix in a conversation between Catherine and Sara while discussing Grissom's past love life.


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