The Book of Shadows
Season 15
Number 4
Writer Gavin Harris
Director Brad Tanenbaum
Original Airdate October 19, 2014
Previous Episode: Bad Blood
Next Episode: Girls Gone Wilder

The Book of Shadows is the fourth episode in season fifteen of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSI team suspects foul play when a chemistry teacher’s science experiment goes horribly wrong.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Larry M. Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Alimi Ballard as Detective Kevin Crawford
  • Nathan Gamble as Mason Brewer
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur as Principal Dawn Meadows
  • Skipp Sudduth as Ed Lusk
  • Myndy Crist as Rebecca Brewer
  • Bella Thorne as Hannah Hunt
  • Mark Chadwick as Chet Messner
  • Taylor John Smith as Rob 'Turk' Turkla


Julie Finlay: Doc, can you explain this text I got from Hodges? Okay: "Nobody knows what the nose knows until the nose knows it. See Doc.".
Dr. Al Robbins: Our friend Hodges has the gene that allows him to smell the bitter almond odor of cyanide. It's a gift.
Julie Finlay: He has so many gifts.
Dr. Al Robbins: Oh, yeah.


  • Bella Thorne made her a special guest as Hannah Hunt in this episode.

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