Minor Character: New York
Chinatown Bank Robbers CSI NY Rain
Name Carlton Hines
Luther Willett
Kevin Moretti
Marvin Hummel
Nina Chang
Alias The Chinatown Bank Robbers
Gender Male (Hines, Willett, Moretti, Hummel)
Female (Chang)
City New York
Occupation Security guard (Hummel)
Pathology Murderers (Hines, Willett, Moretti, Hummel)
Modus Operandi Armed robbery
Ransom kidnapping
No. of Victims 4 killed
1 abducted
1 attempted
3 stalked
Status Deceased (Hines, Willett, Moretti)
Incarcerated (Hummel, Chang)
Portrayed By Uncredited (Hines)
Alex Sol (Willett)
David Guzzone (Moretti)
Matt Bushell (Hummel)
Kym Hoy (Chang)
First Appearance Rain

The Chinatown Bank Robbers (so named for the purpose of this wiki) are a group of bank robbers, abductors, and murderers appearing in Season One of CSI: NY.


Carlton Hines, Luther Willett, and Kevin Moretti planned a heist on a bank in Chinatown, with security guard Marvin Hummel as their inside man. Willett and Moretti were in jail together and likely established contact during or after their sentences to form the plan. Moretti's other accomplice, a woman named Nina Chang with gang affiliations, forged a letter to realtor Rob Bloom to leave the adjacent property abandoned, so the team could use it as a hideout and wedge an umbrella in the door connecting the properties. To guarantee the success of the heist, the baby daughter, Doris, of the clerk, Joanne Cho, was abducted and held captive, with a note left to her demanding she abide by the heist or her daughter would die.

The holdup alone went off without a hitch, with the three robbers raiding the vault and Hummel playing his part to avoid suspicion. However, Hummel's colleague and fellow guard, Tony Fenn, interrupted the getaway, which resulted in Tony and the three robbers exchanging gunfire, Hummel firing a shot into the wall to divert suspicion from himself. The gunfire was bad enough that a fire extinguisher was hit, which caused it to explode and, in an ironic twist, set Hines and Willett on fire. The team was called in due to Hines running out on the street while he was still burning alive, before dying from suffocation from the hot, dry air. Moretti narrowly escaped, with Hummel and Joanne playing dumb according to plan.

Hines and Willett were identified by their prints and masks they wore closely molded inside to fit their facial features. But Joanne's involvement was revealed when Doris' jade monkey charm on a gold clasp was revealed to have her print on it, pressure under which she confessed the robbers had her baby. Moretti and Hummel kept Doris hostage in an abandoned theater by that point, but Hummel got greedy and shot Moretti in his neck before taking Doris and leaving his body in the theater. The theater was tracked from the magazine ransom note having cutouts from Playbill and trace on Doris' sweater the team left to threaten Joanne being revealed as from a fake snow machine.

Joanne received a ransom written by Chang demanding 200 grand for Doris, and the bank was ready to provide the payment. Arranging a drop, Hummel was close to reaching the location while hearing a hoodie, but he fled after a terrorist apprehension drill disrupted the scene. However, his mask and a partial print were still behind. Chang was tracked due to her proximity to a construction site where Moretti inhaled glass dust and a gang symbol on a bag of drugs he was holding. She was arrested and confessed to her involvement, but she had no idea where Doris was, but her handwriting samples were matches.

Hummel's print is finally matched, leading to his arrest at his apartment and Doris being rescued from there. Hummel's plan was revealed from the bullet trajectory having nothing to do with the central gunfight, the CSIs quipping he'd have never been found if he didn't try to ransom Doris' return when the robbery went wrong. Chang and Hummel were incarcerated, with Joanne being reunited with Doris.

Modus Operandi[]

The robbers set the plan in place by cutting a security guard in on the heist, then ensuring the building for sale attached to the bank could be used as a hideout by forging a notice to the realtor to board it up. An abandoned theater was used as an added hideout, with doors into the theater and between the bank and adjacent property drilled through so stripped umbrellas could pick the locks for easy access. A letter was sent in newspaper cuttings to Joanne Cho shortly after her daughter Doris was kidnapped, along with Doris' sweater left behind as incentive, threatening her to abide by the plan for her infant child's safety.

The three robbers wore specialized masks that were molded to fit their faces' measurements, then stuck up the bank with heavy duty firearms.

Known Victims[]

  • The Cho family kidnapping:
    • Doris Cho (daughter; stalked and later kidnapped; was rescued later)
    • Joanne Cho (mother and bank clerk; stalked; later sent Doris' sweater and ransom notes)
  • Rob Bloom (stalked; later manipulated to close his property with a forged letter and squatted inside)
  • The Chinatown bank robbery:
    • Tony Fenn (shot dead by the bank robbers; died at the hospital)
    • Carlton Hines (member; died from suffocation and charred lungs after shooting a fire extinguisher)
    • Luther Willett (member; died from being burned alive after shooting a fire extinguisher)
  • Kevin Moretti (member; shot in the back of the neck; bled to death)


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