The Expose Pedophiles are internet predators ousted by a show named Expose using fake chat room accounts under the guise of children identities so the pedophiles are publicly revealed and most often arrested. The case appears in To Kill a Predator in CSI:Miami.


Expose is a long-running show dedicated to luring pedophiles attempting to lure children through internet chat rooms to be victimized, only to turn the tables on the predators by arranging face-to-face meetings where the pedophiles would be filmed and confronted by news reporters live. They set up a team to pose in chat rooms as such children the predators prey on so they can bait the pedophiles into a revelation. The show came to light with the murder of Sean Radley, run over shortly after ending an affair with assistant Lisa Ross and then being outed as an internet predator. This was soon after followed by Tony Massaro, another ousted pedophile, shot twice in the groin from above with a hunting rifle while at a restaurant. Massaro's record lead the team to the show, revealing the "Tiffany" each one was chatting to meet is an employed scout, Lou Durning. he directs the CSIs to the chats they were monitoring, revealing one anonymous user was trying to chase some of the kids online away, who is later revealed to be Kevin Weaver, who lost his daughter Cassie to being killed by a predator. Although he's ruled out as a suspect, the fingerprints of TJ Pratt, another released pedophile, was found on a beer bottle at Massaro's murder. He denies having to do with it, and in fact, he says he's reformed and trying to get therapy, encouraging Massaro and others to join him in changing ways of the past, but Massaro refused and Pratt left. Pratt's helpful in directing the team to a meet between a girl in a pink hat and another chatter. The chatter is again revealed as Weaver, who reveals his story and why he finds the kinds online. The girl's hat is found, leading to Radley's daughter Hannah, who killed Radley out of horror and rage. Massaro was revealed to have been murdered by Radley's ex-wife Deborah, after recovering a missing shell casing with Sean's print Jared Belk tried to sell online, revealing she was trying to direct the investigation away from her daughter. Hannah warned about her friend, Mallory Harding, being visited by a chat room pedophile. Horatio Caine arrives just before, shocked to see Durning as said predator. Failing to "justify" how Harding "wanted" her despite Durning's job to protect from predators, Harding's told to wait outside, and Caine makes a veiled, corrupt threat saying Durning isn't "resisting arrest yet, but let's see how long that lasts".

Modus Operandi[]

The pedophiles on the chat rooms had unspecified MOs for targeting, luring, and victimizing children. One thing the ousted pedophiles had in common is a banter with the fraudulent accounts, which in the show's own MO in a sense, Expose used to lure the predators to beach tents, where reporters and cameras were waiting for a candid camera confrontation.




  • Expose is most likely based off To Catch a Predator, a similar show setting up sting operations to lure pedophiles out from chat rooms so they can be arrested.