Minor Character: Miami
Name Drake and Tyler Hamilton
Gender Both Male
Family Each other
City Miami
Occupation Politician (Drake)
Pathology Murderer (Drake)
Assailant (Tyler)
Rapist (Tyler)
Modus Operandi Car crash (Drake)
Beating (Tyler)
Throat Slashing (Drake)
Oral Rape (Tyler)
No. of Victims 2 killed
2 assaulted
1 raped
Status Both incarcerated
Portrayed By Kevin Kilner (Drake)
David Denman (Tyler)
First Appearance Just One Kiss

Drake and Tyler Hamilton are an affluent uncle and nephew and two violent criminals eventually arrested for felonies committed in Just One Kiss in CSI:Miami.


Drake Hamilton was a notorious politician with a shady past known to Horatio Caine. Fifteen years before the episode, he crashed into a girl's car, and instead of trying to save her from dying, he immediately called his lawyer for defense counsel. He walked on charges and Caine held a grudge ever since. Drake hated having to watch his nephew, Tyler, because Tyler was always a troublemaker, with his own record to worsen the issue. It only got worse when a friend of Tyler's, Paul Varnette, offered a kiss with his girlfriend, Jane Renshaw, so Varnette would get Tyler's watch. Renshaw was horrified and took a bottle of champagne to walk off to the beach alone. While Varnette was getting drunk, Tyler still went after Renshaw, who was being chased after by bartender Estevan Ordonez, who hoped she'd pay for the bottle. Tyler simply grabbed the bottle and beat the two of them with it, before orally raping Renshaw on the tide-soaked shores. Drake came out and saw what happened, but when Ordonez shouted at Tyler to stop and insisted on reporting the crime, Drake simply took the broken bottle and slashed Ordonez's throat with it, killing Ordonez almost instantly. The two bloodied people were left on the beach, the Hamiltons walking back and Drake swearing Tyler into silence.

Just One Kiss[]

Ordonez and Renshaw are soon found, Renshaw being rushed to the hospital, quickly finding evidence she was raped, offering a worse motive to the crime than at first sight. Ordonez is identified after briefly assuming he's Varnette once evidence shows he worked at a bar. Drake being met by Caine again in a tense reunion permits Tyler being questioned, but Tyler lies and says he doesn't recognize Ordonez. Drake insists any and all searches need a warrant, and their attorney represents Varnette when he's questioned from his prints being on the bottle used in the murder. His alibi is convincing enough, having spent the rest of the night drinking until he passed out. When the Hamiltons' blood at the scene showing two types are of familial matches, they're honed in on even more. Drake has the beach house with crucial evidence torn down by a construction crew to cover his tracks, and Tyler brushes off Renshaw being raped alleging "consensual" instead of rape, even with torn penial skin in Renshaw's retainer. But Caine refuses to give up and has Cuban cigars and a zipper from Tyler's jacket collected from the scene, fingering him for the rape and assaults. But a nosepiece for eyeglasses at the crime scene lead to Drake, since Drake wears glasses. Drake confesses in full to the crimes and conspiracies, leading to the arrests and incarcerations of both relatives. Varnette isn't forgiven by Renshaw, and Caine laments to Megan Donner how he didn't collar Drake for the death of the girl in the car crash, despite an arrest only recently made.

Known Victims[]

  • Unnamed girl (killed in a car crash by Drake)
  • Estevan Ordonez (beaten with a champagne bottle by Tyler; throat slashed with the broken bottle by Drake)
  • Jane Renshaw (beaten and orally raped by Tyler)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Paul Varnette (Renshaw's ex-boyfriend; inadvertently endangered her by offering a kiss from her to Tyler; alive)