Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Cameron Klinefeld
Mandy Klinefeld
Alias Parker
Gender Male (Cameron)
Female (Mandy)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Serial Killers
Modus Operandi Forced throat slitting at gunpoint (wives)
Throat slitting (husbands)
No. of Victims 2 couples killed
1 couple intended
Status Deceased (both)
Portrayed By Rudolf Martin (Cameron)
Sandra Hess (Mandy)
First Appearance Assume Nothing

Cameron and Mandy Klinefeld were a husband-and-wife team of serial killers who first appeared in the Season Four premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Not much is known about the couple prior to their crimes.

Season Four[]

Assume Nothing[]

Despite having a residence in Las Vegas, the couple stayed in the Sphere Hotel and Casino, registered under the fake name of Parker. In the casino, they target fellow guests Kent and Natasha Rifkin, who were gambling at the blackjack tables. They lure them to their room where both couples start drinking and having fun, and it all finally leads to Kent and Mandy foreplaying. During the foreplay, Cameron starts asking Kent questions about how much he loves his wife, in a way that made Kent nervious and suspicious about their intentions. The fun ended when Natasha became furious after seeing his husband being willingly seduced by another woman, which resulted in an argument between them, and finally, in Cameron and Mandy kicking them out of the room. It doesn't take a lot of time until they target another couple, Alice and Checco Dominguez, whom they met in a strip club. This time they are successful in killing both, with Alice being killed in the Klinefeld's hotel room, and Checco in his car at the hotel's parking lot. They then strip the room and walk off the scene. The bodies are discovered the next day, and the CSIs are later called to process the room.

The next day, due to an indiscretion by CSI Nick Stokes, details about the investigation of the murders in the Sphere are divulged in the news, prompting the Klinefields to move their initially intended M.O. from killing in luxury hotels, to cheap motels. That night, they register at the Fez Motel and target Fred and Wendy Laggerman, again managing to kill both of them. The bodies are found a few hours later. With the CSI's processing the scene, Grissom manages to get a profile about the murderers. Later, Nick gets a match from a print found in the ice machine: it belongs to Mandy. Grissom and Brass head to another hotel where they were staying and interrogate them about the recent murders, which they immediately deny and make up alibis for. After revising the case with the team, Grissom goes with Brass to look for a warrant for the suspects, which wasn't granted by Judge Slater since they have little evidence against them. However, DNA was later found in Fred Laggerman's ear, which was also later proven to be a match for the print in the ice machine, revealing that Mandy killed Fred.

Meanwhile in their home, the Klinefelds are killed. Their bodies are later found by Grissom and Brass, who were in their way to arrest them.

All For Our Country[]

The CSIs start investigating the murders of the couple. In their house, they find towels, linens and bed sheets taken from the crime scenes, to which Nick theorizes as a premeditate measure to not leave any trace behind, or simply because they got off sleeping on them. The autopsy later reveals they both died from a single shot each: Mandy was shot in the back, and Cameron in the chest, and that a plastic bottle was used as a silencer for the killer's gun. The investigation eventually leads back to Judge Slater's court, in which they find the man responsible for the murders: court clerk Stuart Gardner, who used to be a police officer before working for Slater, and had now become a vigilante who murdered criminals who got away in the court. They arrest him, and during the interrogation, he states that even if they got the evidence, the couple would have walked on the murders based on prior experience.

Modus Operandi[]

The Klinefelds targeted young open-minded couples whom they met in bars, casinos, luxury hotels and motels in which they registered in under a fake name. Posing as swingers, they would take them to their room, where, after a few chat and drinking, Mandy would seduce the husbands. Then Cameron would force them at gunpoint to kill their wives by slitting their throat. After that, the husbands would be taken to another near location, where they would be killed, also by throat-slitting: Checco Dominguez would be taken to his car, and be murdered by Cameron, and although the same M.O. was intended for Fred Laggerman, he didn't have a car (he and his wife got to the motel by taxi), prompting the couple to "improvise" by knocking him and disposing his body into an ice machine outside. It would be Mandy who would do the killing this time.

Known Victims[]

  • 2003:
    • September 24-25:
      • Natasha and Kent Rifkin (intended, but kicked them out after an argument)
      • The Dominguez
        • Alice Dominguez (throat slit by Checco under orders from Cameron)
        • Checco Dominguez (throat slit by Cameron)
    • September 25-26: The Laggermans
      • Wendy Laggerman (throat slit by Fred under orders from Mandy)
      • Fred Laggerman (knocked by Cameron and dumped into an ice machine; throat slit by Mandy)


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  • The couple appears to be based on real murderers Erika and Benjamin Sifrit, responsible for luring a couple they partied with up to their condominium only to murder them both and dispose of their remains.