Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Darryl Walsh
Deputy Simon Willis
Dr. Martin Kinney
Alias The Larkston Rape Club
Gender Male (all)
Family Valerie Irvin (wife; Walsh)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Mechanic (Walsh)
Shariff's deputy (Willis)
General physician (Kinney)
Pathology Serial killers
Serial rapists
Attempted murderers
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning, preceded by gang-rape (originally)
Varied (later)
No. of Victims 3+ killed
4 attempted
Status Deceased (Walsh, willis)
Incarcerated (Kinney)
Portrayed By Kristoffer Polaha (Walsh)
Nico Evers-Swindell (Willis)
Garrett M. brown (Kinney)
First Appearance Girls Gone Wild

The Larkston "Rape Club" (so named for the wiki) is a trio of serial killers and serial rapists operating in Larkston, Nevada. They appeared in Girls Gone Wild in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Mechanic Darryl Walsh, deputy Simon Willis, and local physician Martin Kinney all operated from their hometown of Larkston, Nevada, a group motivated to kidnap, rape, torture, and murder women who travel to their small area. They did so with three women at least, all who had car troubles and went to Walsh's garage, Walsh already disposing of the other two women's remains and only recently killing 23-year-old San Diego native Brenda Whittaker. Months later, Las Vegas CSIs Julie Finlay, Morgan Brody, and Sara Sidle pass through the town on their way to a Reno spa weekend. When they have car trouble, Walsh decides to target them next and "offers" their stay in the town. The women are upset they can't make their weekend, but fine with a motel and karaoke bar in the meantime.

Finn dances with Walsh while Morgan sings on stage and Sara helps herself to some drinks. Walsh buys the women another round of shots before leaving with Finn to make out outside of the hotel. Finn rejects him when she finds out he has a wife, Valerie Irvin, Walsh is furious, but Finn still leaves him behind. When she makes it to her room, Walsh slams her into the door and pulls a knife with the intention of raping and kidnapping her. Finn fights back, grabs the knife, and stabs Walsh twice in the abdomen before leaving the knife next to him. Finn rushes to the bar to get Morgan and Sara, but Walsh was already helped off the scene by one of his accomplices.

The sheriff, Owen Gardner, doesn't believe Finn's account of the rape attempt, as he's a friend of Walsh. Gardner instead believes the women covered for Finn killing Walsh, but Dr. Kinney plays "innocent" by confirming the matching wounds on Finn's person. Morgan turns her photo evidence over to the department, but she gets the Vegas lab to assist by analyzing them. Valerie is suspected when her truck matches the getaway vehicle at the scene, but her alibi of working at the diner checks out. As she reveals Walsh often used her truck for his own purposes, it would make sense when traces of pot were found on the floor mats that Walsh grew in a barn registered to aged local Edith Skinner.

Checking out the barn, the weed is found on site, as are numerous cars of their previous victims, with Brenda's decayed remains in the truck of one of them. Dr. Kinney performs an examination to determine Brenda was bludgeoned in her head and arm with a hammer. The Vegas team is brought in, and even the Larkston police give their DNA and fingerprints. Dr. Albert Robbins determines she was raped from pubic hair in her teeth and semen on her person, along with restrain marks, and her age is determined to be young adult from her wisdom teeth. Brenda's missing persons report is quickly matched to her description, and the cars are matched to two other missing women.

Sara goes with Sheriff Gardner and Deputy Willis to where Walsh's car was on a bus route. When the lab calls Sara and tells her Willis' DNA matched one semen sample on Brenda, Sara draws her gun and warns Gardner. Willis shoots and severely injured them both, but Sara shoots Willis in the head and kills him. Finn knows the missing women were at a fresh water site, so she goes through the nearby active and inactive sites and sees to Gary, the bartender who knows the lay of the land. She goes alone and finds a cabin at an old campground there, where the women were raped and tortured to death. Walsh is there and strikes Finn with an axe handle, ready to beat her to death as well, but she fires three times, one shot hitting Walsh's chest and killing him. Finn's broken cellphone, which recorded the fight, was left at the scene while she goes to the highway on foot. She tries to flag down a car, which Dr. Kinney is driving, buy Kinney rams into her and forces her off the road into a ditch.

The Vegas team and medics rush in response with backup after Morgan gets to the lab, Sara and Gardner swiftly being taken to the emergency room. D.B. Russell and Nick Stokes quickly find the campground where Finn was at, walking onto the bloody scene down to Walsh's corpse. The broken taillight in the highway leads the team to Finn, who's also hospitalized. Knowing she was intentionally hit by the car injuries, the team reviews the, and Morgan finds a "Million Mile Club" mileage plate. Dr. Kinney is confronted at the bar, with obvious damage to his car and his DNA on the condoms in the cabin's trash. He tries to pretend he didn't do anything wrong, but then concedes to not knowing where the other women are, just that Walsh disposed of them somewhere. Kinney is arrested and incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • At least two unnamed women (kidnapped, gang-raped, and murdered)
  • Brenda Whittaker (kidnapped, gang-raped, and bludgeoned in her head, face, and arm with a hammer)
  • Julie Finlay (assaulted; held at knifepoint, bludgeoned with an axe handle, and nearly raped and murdered by Walsh; she fought back and killed him; later hit with a car by Dr. Kinney, but barely survived)
  • Sara Sidle (attempted to kidnap, rape, and murder; later shot and grazed in her forehead by Deputy Willis; she shot him dead and barely survived)
  • Morgan Brody (attempted to kidnap, rape, and murder; she escaped)
  • Sheriff Owen Gardner (barely survived; shot)


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