Minor Character: Miami
Name Neal Marshall
Jenny Marshall
Dean Marshall
Gender Male (Neal; Dean) Female (Jenny)
Family Each other
Unidentified kids (Neal and Jenny)
City Miami
Occupation Accountants (Neal; Dean)
Pathology Murderer (Jenny)
Incriminator (Dean)
Hostage Taker (Neal)
Modus Operandi Simulation and Reckless Endangerment (Dean)
Neck-breaking (Jenny)
hostage situation (Neal)
No. of Victims 1 killed (Jenny)
1 framed (Dean)
10+ recklessly endangered (Dean)
Status Alive (Neal)
Incarcerated (Jenny)
Unknown (Dean)
Portrayed By Josh Malina (Neal)
Nicole Cannon (Jenny)
Ian Kahn (Dean)
First Appearance G.O.

The Marshalls are a family embroiled in a simulation set up by the LIVE Corporation, which gets them all into legal trouble.


Neal Marshall was happily married to his wife Jenny and has kids, working with his brother Dean at an accounting firm. Dean always hated Neal letting the greater financial profits slide, which led to them losing bigger business. With hopes of boosting Neal's confidence and making him more aggressive to fight for deals, Dean found out about the LIVE Corporation, a company that specializes in simulations whether their clients are suspected or not, challenging them into reaching the end points themselves for desired results. Dean and the company prepared a simulation where Neal would be on the run from the law in a frame job to see how he could exonerate himself, never suspecting the dangers even from directly manipulating the CSIs for real.


Dean arranges for Neal to meet at the bar so they can have some fun away from Jenny's watchful eye. It's there the CEO of the corporation, Wendy Colton, reviews the scripting with the entire company and Dean. Neal arrives and gets into a "fight" with hired actor Braden Wilkins, when Wilkins "harasses" Lisa Blackwell when she's under the alias of Olivia Hunter. The entire bar are all a group of employees in on the sham. Neal is then arranged to find Wilkins "dead", another actor and Witness, Scott Pendleton, finding Neal standing over Wilkins in the stall when he pretends to be stabbed. Hunter finds Neal and swears to clear his name, taking him on the run, while the company calls the CSIs to the scene. Wilkins isn't in the stall, as he pulled out the "knife" nestled on top of his clothes and walked out.

A cadaver under the name of Jason Norris is found in Neal's car, and Neal and Blackhall are arrested at her apartment. Neal's severely paranoid and knows he's being framed but can't say how. While Eric Delko goes down the elevator with them, it starts to act off before it stops in its descent. Delko climbs out to the nearest door, but the elevator drops and gets a soft landing thanks to a hacking device the LIVE Corporation installed in the elevator exactly for the purpose of Blackhall's and Neal's escapes.

Blackhall checks them into a hotel, partially undresses Neal while he's drugged unconscious, and poses the room to look like they had an affair. Jenny had tracked them both after he called her and went up to the room, Blackhall answering the door. Seeing Neal unconscious and suspecting the "affair" is real, she tries to get in while Blackhall leans on the door to close it. When Jenny gives one hard shove on it, Blackhall flies back and hits the table behind her, instantly snapping her neck. Jenny flees and leaves Neal to come too and find Blackhall's corpse. He calls Horatio Caine and lets them know about the murder, but refuses to come in out of being terrified and unable to trust anyone.

An RFID chip lead to a fraudulent company the LIVE Corp. set up, with Colton answering and pretending the cadaver was misplaced. After the place is cleared and the address of "Silas Biotech"'s payments is tracked, the CSIs find the LIVE Corporation and realize the truth. Colton never knew Blackhall was dead and gives Dean's name as the customer behind the charade. She and the company are all arrested for endangerment and obstruction, but Neal's in full panic when he arrives at his house with his gun. Caine and responding officers talk Neal down in front of Jenny and Dean and insist he check his gun. he's shocked to find it isn't loaded, which is unusual since he always keeps it loaded. As he's arrested, he turns Dean and realizes everything.

At a confrontation at the crime labs, Neal's outright angry with what Dean put him and his family through. Dean denies intending the chaos that happened and insists the "game" was arranged for him to "man up" in the business. Neal just resentfully shouts back, without any forgiveness, that his love for his life and his family makes him a man Dean never will be. In interrogation, Jenny's confronted in front of Neal on Blackhall's murder, and she confesses in full. With Jenny arrested for manslaughter, Neal is horrified and devastated and pleads to Caine that it has to be part of the game. Caine says to Neal's grief unfortunately, Jenny's crime and charges are more real than everyone wants.

Jenny's incarcerated soon after, Neal's exonerated of everything, and Dean's fate is left unknown, but it's assumed he's also incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Neal Marshall (set up by Dean to be recklessly endangered by the LIVE corporation)
  • Lisa Blackhall (alias Olivia Hunter; endangered by Dean and the LIVE Corporation; slammed into by Jenny and fell back into a table, snapping her neck)
  • The Marshall house standoff (all held at gunpoint by a hysterical Neal; Dean kept the gun unloaded):