Minor Character: Miami
Name Kayla Pennington
Whitney Dern
Joe Tepper
Alias The Miami Gold Robbers
Gender Female (Pennington; Dern)
Male (Tepper)
City Miami
Pathology Robbers
Murderer (Dern)
Attempted murderer (Tepper)
Modus Operandi Armed robbery
Shooting (once)
No. of Victims 24+robbed
1 killed (Dern)
Status Incarcerated (Pennington; Dern)
Deceased (Tepper)
Portrayed By Kathleen Robertson (Pennington)
Tina Casciani (Dern)
Celestin Cornielle (Tepper)
First Appearance Meltdown

The Miami Gold Robbers (so named for this wiki) are a trio of jewelry store robbers primarily motivated to be melting their gold bounties to reshape and sell on the black market.


Kayla Pennington, Whitney Dern, and Joe Tepper were armed robbers of jewelry stores, primarily targeting gold so they'd melt them, shape them into new designs, and sell them to black market customers. Pennington and Dern committed the robberies, wearing different masks each time and using signal jammers on security, while Tepper manned the getaway vehicle. 23 jewelry stores would be robbed by those means.

Eventually, Pennington seduced Ben Rooney, a real estate agent, to have access to the view of his office and scout for other stores to rob. Pennington eventually fell in love with Ben, which was a danger to the operations of the trio. She was only more delighted and afraid for Ben and herself when Ben was ready to buy an engagement ring and prose to Pennington.

It was his worst luck when he went to the very 24th jewelry store the trio targeted for the very band. Undercover cop Jake Berkeley, who had the infiltrated the ring to catch them, was to participate in the robbery with Tepper, never knowing the ladies' identities. When only the manager, Leonard Sterling, was working there, the ladies jammed the cameras and robbed the bank. Seeing that Ben was there, Dern took it upon herself to break Pennington's heart and keep her in the scheme by shooting Ben dead, firing one bullet in his chest. Leonard ran to him and tried to stop his bleeding best he could, but Ben sadly died on scene. Pennington was heartbroken and arrived at the scene only after she and Dern fled over a Miami bridge and them turned back to get to a truck they positioned for an escape.

Pennington was questioned and genuinely devastated Ben was murdered by Dern, which is why police never asked about her involvement and she never volunteered such suspicion. The CSIs traced Tepper's van to his hideout, but Berkeley was already inside in a confrontation with Tepper after being found out as a cop. Berkeley shot Tepper dead in self-defense shortly before the team barged through the door. He revealed Tepper threw the diamonds away due to their having serial numbers that could be traced. When the photos from Ben's office were tracked from their vantage points, Pennington was questioned. She vehemently supported Ben wasn't involved, lying they met when he was helping her look for a condominium. Boric acid on Tepper's clothes confirmed their gold-melting operations.

Another criminal named Ricky Spano told detectives based on his experience, the robbers aren't done from needing more gold to melt down until it's untraceable. The robbers' entire timeline is tracked, down to the women's different masks. Composites not only shock the team from their genders, but one of them resembles Pennington. She's arrested and interrogated, confessing bitterly from her grief. She revealed she wanted to marry Ben, selling Dern out as the murderer and leading the team to the truck she'll use to drive away with the bounties. There are motorcycles made out of solid gold inside, and Dern is arrested too. The two women are incarcerated for their crimes.

Modus Operandi[]

The trio would target jewelry stores, scouting by needed ruses, such as Pennington seducing Ben Rooney just to take photos from his office space. The women would rob the stores, wearing different masks every time, and ruin the security with signal jammers. Threatening the present people at gunpoint, they'd steal what couldn't be traced and was highly valuable, except for gold they planned to melt and reshape to prevent it being traced when they resold it in the black market. Tepper would wait as a getaway and scout in case something went wrong, waiting at a location the women would zigzag too before they'd drive away. Dern shot Rooney in the chest once and left him to bleed to death as a witness of the trio and to keep Pennington from breaking from the conspiracy.

Known Members[]

  • Kayla Pennington (robber and scout)
  • Whitney Dern (robber)
  • Joe Tepper (getaway and scout)

Known Victims[]

  • At least unnamed stores (all robbed)
  • Leonard Sterling (threatened, held at gunpoint, and robbed his jewelry store)
  • Ben Rooney (shot in the chest by Dern)