Minor Character: Miami
Triple Threat
Name Ashley Whitford (nee Selby)
Cayla Selby
Beth Selby
Alias Each other
Gender Female (all)
Family Noah Whitford (Beth's son with Dominic)
City Miami
Pathology Murderers
Con Artists
Modus Operandi Scams
No. of Victims 1 robbed
1 killed
1 attempted
Status Incarcerated (all)
Portrayed By Leslie Bibb (all)
First Appearance Triple Threat

Ashley Whitford, Beth Selby, and Cayla Selby are triplets who conspired for cons and, eventually, for murder. They appeared in Triple Threat in CSI: Miami


The Selbys were poor in their youth and always wished to get rich, no matter the cost. they were known for swapping their identities in youth for various solids they did for each other, from school assignments to dates they didn't like. They eventually figured they could use their manipulation for the sake of benefiting themselves financially with get-rich-quick cons. Ashley would seduce wealthy men, Beth and Cayla would play her role when she wanted breaks from acting, and they'd all provide alibis for even if two of them were caught to avoid suspicion when they went past the law. One such victim Neil Massey, whose vault they emptied and .38 revolver they stole after enough playout of the distraction. Massey found out about one of Ashley's sisters was shocked and embarrassed they succeeded in their con. By that time, the trio moved on to Dominic Whitford, going as far as Beth taking Ashley's place to have a son named Noah with him, whom she grew to adore by her own maternal instinct. While she was pregnant, Beth was shot at and grazed by Massey in a terrorizing attempt on her, requiring her to have a C-section so Noah would survive being born. In spite of all these events, the sisters decided they were done with the scam and conspired to murder Whitford in an event Ashley organized. Little did they know Whitford send his hired doppelganger, Greg Ramsey, to the event instead while he was on business.

Triple Threat[]

Ashley called the attention of the guests to publicly stand up and toast them for their contributions. As the wine corks popped, as planned, Cayla shoots Ramsey once on the second floor with Massey's revolver, wipes her prints from the gun, and leaves it behind with his serial number still on it, not cleaning up after herself when she drops her blood on the floor from her nosebleed. As she runs off, Ramsey stumbles back, falling off the balcony and being impaled on an ice sculpture below, horrifying all the people witnessing except for Ashley, who merely feigns the reaction. Beth, in the meantime, works out at the gym under Cayla's name to provide an alibi. Ashley gives a swab of her DNA, which matches Cayla's blood since they're identical siblings and thus have the same DNA results. Cayla gets interrogated posing as Ashley, saying she had the nosebleed before the procession. She leaves her glasses behind, which Eric Delko runs out to return to her, only to see Ashley in the car with her own sunglasses and Cayla running back inside. Delko tests the prints, revealing Cayla's don't match Ashley's revealing the second triplet. Ashley and Cayla are interrogated together, putting up another front of reminiscing on how they would switch places for fun and Ashley defending Cayla saying her whole statement was true as Ashley told her in detail the reality of the event. Cayla then brings up Beth's alibi, pretending it's hers when she says the log book has it under her name. After talking to Massey, who confesses to his shooting and is arrested promptly, Natalia Boa Vista interrogates the two known triplets about the con he accused them up, which they deny and say Massey's lying over having a serious jealous streak. She then confronts them about Noah, saying Ashley has no scar and Cayla was in Africa within the time Noah was conceived and born. Beth then comes out after Boa Vista threatens Social Services, openly admitting to be the mother of their child. Beth's then singled out in interrogation when the sisters are all taken into custody. She confesses the cons, but despite the blood drop proving the guilt of even one of them, she denies the three's involvement in the murder. When testing their blood, Delko tells Boa Vista to take a risk with their last sample in antibody testing, knowing that because the law needs a direct prosecution of the doer themselves, all three sisters could walk from not identifying whose blood was near the balcony, thus who pulled the trigger. They have a stroke of luck, when the sample clots to reveal antibodies having been exposed to dengue fever, a disease only contracted in Africa. Boa Vista presents the evidence to the sisters: Ashley wooed Whitford, Beth had their child but couldn't kill him, leaving Cayla as the only one left who could be the murderer, since she's the only one who's been in Africa. Cayla confesses to the shooting being masked by the corks, then the sisters have little bickers back and forth on who did the better work and who slipped up. Boa Vista cuts them all off, saying they're all still guilty and are all being arrested. What shocks the triplets most is the revelation of the doppelganger, seeing for themselves Whitford holding Noah in his arms as he looks on in horror when their all walked off in cuffs and driven away.

Modus Operandi[]

The sisters targeted wealthy men to con them out of their life's savings. Ashley seduce them, Cayla and Beth taking her place when it was inconvenient or exhausting. They always coordinated their efforts so only two sisters would be found out and each of the two would have an alibi because of the third. once the con was successful they'd play the roll for a bit longer and then bolt to the next man. With Neil Massey, they stole his entire vault's stash and his S&W .38 Model 66 revolver. With Dominic Whitford, they had a child as a bonus for securing their inheritance, then they coordinated a public killing of him Ashley would be there to witness to throw off suspicion. As per their usual plans, Ashley attended the gala, Cayla shot who was really Greg Ramsey off a balcony, landing on a pointed ice sculpture, and Beth was at the gym under Cayla's name so she had an alibi as well. The revolver was left behind at the scene to frame Massey.

Known Victims[]

  • Neil Massey (robbed of his vault and revolver)
  • Dominic Whitford (attempted to kill, but failed; Beth sired a child with him beforehand)
  • Greg Ramsey (shot by Cayla, then fell off a balcony and impaled on a ice sculpture)


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