Minor Character: Miami
Name Steve Dunlar
Luke Baylor
Alias The Stunt Car Smugglers
Gender Male (Dunlar, Baylor)
Family Evan Dunlar (Dunlar; son)
City Miami
Occupation Maintenance man (Dunlar)
Pathology Robbers
Modus Operandi Car theft
Fuel theft
No. of Victims 2+ robbed
Status Incarcerated (all)
Portrayed By Mark Kiely (Dunlar)
Marcua Coloma (Baylor)
First Appearance High Octane

The Stunt Car Smugglers (so named for this wiki) are an organization of car thieves and international black market distributors active in Miami.


Maintenance man Steve Dunlar stole cars to ship and sell to pay customers from Miami, expediting the operations in a matter of weeks. Luke Baylor was one of Dunlar's primary scouts and thieves, attending illegal stunt shows and street races, taking videos, and passing out concessions all just to find the cars Steve wanted to smuggle. Steve's son Evan was passionate about the events, but Steve kept him away to protect him and to not have his operations ruined.

A stuntman named Dexter Gilmar was killed at a race Evan was attending, so to take advantage of the opportunity and get Evan out of sight, Steve called the cops. The attendees scattered, including Baylor, who threw Gilmar's remains out of the car and drove off with it in a high-speed theft. It was recovered during the murder investigation, with its sabotage revealed to have caused his death unrelated to the ring.

More stolen cars were found at another event Baylor was attending, where the car was found. Evan trying his own ride at a stolen car and crashing it led to the smell of jet fuel coming of the car. It was traced to a pipe near a woman whose pool Steve was fixing. Baylor left Gilmar's blood on the pipe after pushing his dead remains out of the car before driving off with it. Following Baylor leads to an airport runway where Baylor and Steve are preparing another shipment. They and their cohorts are all arrested and incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

The smugglers would targeted illegal street shows and races, finding the best cars to steal and sell their cars to widespread paying customers where they'd be shipped. Steve would also steal fuel from pipes in or near the residents of his customers during his maintenance work to use for filling and transporting the cars. When the ideal cars were found, Dunlar and his thieves would snatch them and gather them to be loaded on planes and ships to mail out to their consumers.

Known Members[]

  • Steve Dunlar (leader)
  • Luke Baylor (scout and thief)
  • Numerous other members and accomplices

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unnamed victims (stole their cars and fuel)
  • Dexter Gilmar (pushed his corpse out of and stole his car)
  • Anna (stole her fuel)