Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Robert Hsing
Gavin McGill
Russell Caris
Lou Beltran
Gender Male (all)
Family Rebecca McGill (McGill; wife; deceased)
Julia Beltran (Beltran; wife; separated)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Murderers
Drug Addict (Crais)
Vandal (Beltran)
Modus Operandi Drowning (Hsing)
Throwing off cliff (McGill)
Knife Throwing (Crais)
Chainsaw (Beltran)
No. of Victims 1 each
Status Incarcerated (Hsing; McGill)
Deceased (Crais; Beltran)
Portrayed By Rick Yune (Hsing)
David Eisenburg (McGill)
Jim Garrity (Crais)
Troy Ruptash (Beltrain)
First Appearance Toe Tags

The Toe Tag Killers (so named for the wiki) are several murderers appearing throughout a series of cases sequentially investigated in Toe Tags in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Throughout the episode, when the corpses of the victims are being stored in a freezer for a student exhibit, each of them animate again and converse with each other to share their deaths, bonding over their lives and tragedies and giving the viewers a new, more personal perspective.

American Beauty[]

Donna Basset was found wrapped in a towel in an elevator, but when she's turned to her side, water pours out of her mouth, obviously revealing she was murdered by drowning. Not only do the CSIs go through the different floors, but they go through the laundry hampers when they find the right one, where they find Basset's clothes as well as her gun and ID, revealing she's a San Francisco cop. It's revealed she was hired by Robert Hsing, a high-ranking gambler, to be his private security during his tournaments. Hsing shows anguish over Basset's death, saying she's been working with him for twelve years and he saw her four hours ago. He left his game from losing his luck, and when he couldn't find Basset, he relieved himself, changed his underwear, and went back to the game, where he scored big. But an overflowing bathtub and rose petals scattered around the bathroom reveal more to the account. Footage from the elevator shows the killer leaving Basset dead in there, as well as pressing all the elevator buttons. Noticing the killer's sleeve is wet, Catherine Willows processes the rose petals and finds grapeseed oil on them, the same product Hsing ordered for his baths. Hsing's clothes are thoroughly washed, destroying that evidence, so they have another idea: the elevator button prints are pieced together to form a whole print, matching Hsing. He drowned Basset in "his" water, blaming her for his bad luck, as she would take those same baths each time he gambled so he'd get lucky, only his luck was running out, so he decided to kill her.

No Brainer[]

Rebecca McGill's found dead from a plunge off a desert cliff, the battery so brutal her brain flew out of her skull and into some bushes not too far away. Her husband, Gavin McGill, says she slipped and tumbled off the cliff trying to capture the image of a bald eagle, then he hiked to the ranger station to get cellphone service. When anti-depressants and evidence of drinking are found in her autopsy, McGill adds she was devastated over the fear of losing her beauty, so since they met in Vegas, he went there with her for a vacation. He then changes his story, saying he didn't say the version before out of shame and grief, that Rebecca stood on the cliff and fell back to commit suicide. But also in her murder, there's conflicting evidence, like a broken finger, implying her hand was maybe stepped on so she'd let go of the edge. When Gil Grissom challenges Warrick Brown to find out if Rebecca attempted suicide before, he instead finds a phone video revealing Gavin pushed her off the cliff, stepping on her fingers to ensure she dropped. When Brown interrogates McGill, McGill coldly admits to the murder out of being fed up over having to constantly pay for his wife's beauty, before asking for a lawyer.

Embalmy Day[]

Russell Caris dies in an unwavering head-on collision with a cop cruiser, the cop in the car saying Caris ran a stop sign. Caris has no bloody injuries despite blood being on his hands, but when a knife covered in blood is found in his car, they quickly find he stabbed a returned veteran sergeant, Jack Day, in front of his wife, Cara, and their little girl, whom he got to hold for the first time after coming back from his second tour in Iraq. They find it a shock despite Day offering his wallet, Caris didn't take it and just killed him and ran off, as well as despite having taken in a severe poison, Caris died from internal decapitation from the crash. Wondering why Caris killed the biggest guy there, hey go back in the footage and see Caris can barely walk just before the stabbing. Despite him only having taken THC, a joint in his car reveals far more horrors: it was dipped in embalming chemicals, which Grissom says to Nick Stokes was mostly like to increase the length of time he was high. To further get off, he killed the sergeant, then drove his car at high-speed into the cop cruiser. Encouraged by Grissom, Stokes tells the truth to the widowed Day, offering her his sincere condolences.

The Nevada Chainsaw Massacre[]

Lou Beltran and Ray Gaynor are both found mangled by a chainsaw in Beltran's garage, Gaynor missing his left arm, leading the CSIs to ask if one of them was responsible or if there was a third person. The crime scene's so bad the water delivery boy vomited, but the garage door was forced open, shown from a shoeprint on it. Beltran's wife, Jill, reveals the two were getting a divorce, Jill assuming Lou came back to cut up her things with the chainsaw so she couldn't take them with her when she moved out. She worked as a flight attendant during the deaths, thus giving her an alibi, but more of a shock comes from the chainsaw belonging to Gaynor, not the Beltrans. As well, though wood shavings and a dull blade proved the saw was cutting the furniture, the blood spatter's off, going in the opposite direction. They realize the clincher: they were assuming Beltran used the chainsaw with the dominant hand it fits. But he wasn't causing problems, especially sloppy handiwork. When Gaynor came up behind him and unintentionally startled him, Beltran cut his arm off, leading to him bleeding death. But with the poor choice and work with the chainsaw, the blade kicked back and sliced up Beltran as well. Both of their deaths were hideous accidents. Grissom later tells the students it's far too common for deaths to happen from using appliances for the wrong dominant hands, and no bloody shoeprints at the scene with that much carnage further confirmed there's little way a third person could've even been there to witness it, let alone cause that damage with the spatters at the scene.

Known Victims[]

  • Donna Basset (drowned in a bathtub by Hsing; placed in an elevator postmortem)
  • Rebecca McGill (thrown off a cliff and her fingers stepped on by McGill)
  • Jack Day (stabbed in his chest by Caris)
  • Officer Linda Mendosa (attempted; car collided at full speed, but killed Caris instead)
  • Ray Gaynor (left arm cut off by a chainsaw by Beltran, resulting in blood loss)


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