The Two Mrs. Grissoms
Mrs Grissoms.jpg
Season 11
Number 13
Writer Christopher Barbour,
Treena Hancock,
Melissa R. Byer
Director Steven Felder
Original Airdate February 3, 2011
Previous Episode: A Kiss Before Frying
Next Episode: All That Cremains

The Two Mrs. Grissoms is the thirteenth episode in season eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The death of a prominent professor in the deaf community is connected to a feud between two deaf graduate students competing over a grant, and the investigation creates tension between Sara and Grissom's mother.


Sara visits a ball at a college for deaf students. She meets up with Grissom's deaf mother and her company: Julia, a deaf professor. After the event, she hears an explosion: a car that rolled under the parkway went off and engulfs in flames, with another professor, Dr. Lambert inside.

Ray and Nick investigates the scene, with Sara, quickly dressing up after still wearing her ball dress, joining them. Initially they suspect that the car exploded from gasoline leak that may have been caused by the rocky surface on the slope, but based on numerous deaf witnesses who felt the shockwave - which would've been impossible if the car exploded under the hill -, the lack of braking marks, and the black explosion marks in the parking lot, they figure that the car already exploded when entering its downfall. Greg analyzes the interpolated shockwave and compares it with the witnesses' position, and find that Julia's claim to have felt the explosion in her office was a lie. Interrogated, she gives no explanation, but claims that there's a conflict of interest: as it turns out, she's Grissom's ex-girlfriend, which Julia thought was Sara's motive against her. Sara, however, had no knowledge of Julia before.

Meanwhile, Ray and Nick examine the bomb, which was attached to the underside of the car, and that it was planted during the ball, when no one bat an eye on the parking lot. Trace finds nitrate belonging to smokeless gunpowder, and Greg finds a directional component from the bomb's casing with a serial number on it, which belongs to a shake alerter device designed for deafs. Nick and Sara examine the dormitories where they find that Michael's shake alerter in his room is brand new with different casing than the others' ones. He declines knowledge of it, but he recalls a tense argument between Dr. Lambert and another dormitory resident, Sean Wyatt. Sean has traces of nitrate in his room.

Exiting the premises, Nick and Sara exchange thoughts, with Sara being both suspicious over Julia and uptight about Grissom and his mother for not telling her about Julia. She meets up with Mrs. Grissom to ask about her, only to be scolded for being apart from his husband, but she tells Julia was lately mismanaging her duties with late paperwork and general inattention.

At the lab, Hodges asks if Sean had any plants in the room, and when Sara tells he had cactuses, Hodges tells that the nitrates came from them, not from explosives. However, he also found out that Julia was having sex with Sean. After that, Hodges gives a monologue about Grissom's suspectedly weird sexual life, only to awkwardly renounce his words on Sara. Catherine suspects that the foul play was based on a student-teacher relationship, which had to be hidden. Brass interrogates Sean, who confesses the relationship, but denies the bombing.

In her office, Julia receives a package from Michael. She is drawn out from her desk by Sara and Ray, much to her nerves, to be called in for interrogation. When she returns to grab her gears, the package goes off, wounding Julia, who would have been killed if she remained at her desk.

Investigating the office, Nick finds that the bomb was rigged by a resister that only releases the electric current after a pre-set time amount. Michael is brought in for questioning, and Sara finds pictures of Sean and Julia on his laptop depicting possible murder motive. Michael tells that he is being framed, and that Sean looks suspicious to him, although he didn't know why. Sara checks in on Julia in the hospital, having a conversation with Sean. As she already knows some sign language, she notices a sign that is unknown to her. She visits Mrs. Grissom, who tells that it is a sign that belongs to the Québec dialect of the English sign language. When she questions whether Sara's marriage with Grissom is genuine if they barely see each other, she nervously leaves.

In the lab, Nick finds that the resister was rigged for a suspiciously short time of 10 minutes after arming. He also finds that the detonator was rigged with a device that emits a beeping sound, which means the bomber had to hear it. Sara recalls Michael being suspicious about Sean, sho she and Catherine takes him under a "lie detector test": however, they weren't testing him for the reactions over the images shown, but to measure his brain's activity when exposed to sounds. After he clearly shows brain activity when Catherine or Sara tells something, they find out that Sean is not deaf, also finding out that he is not actually an English citizen, but rather Canadian, hence the Québecian dialect; making him the primary suspect.

Julia is interrogated again by Sara, and it turns out that she noticed weird signs, but she was so much blinded by her love towards him after decades of her life dedicated solely to her carreer, that she didn't realize what the signs meant. She tells that he walked on him one day finding that he used another e-mail account than his to send mails in French; when she suspected a woman, he told it was an old friend of his. Investigating the mailbox, Ray uncovers that Sean's scholarship was just a fraud to exploit the college, but later he became worried that Dr. Lambert may have found out his capability of hearing. He also uncovers that his parner in the cover-up was the official sign language translator of the school.

The translator is brought in for questioning. After Brass reveals his keycard's entering log places him at Julia's bombing, and his bank account revealed he bought the parts of the bomb, he confesses that he became tired that the college, while having high funds for the disabled students and staff, severely underpaid him. The original plan was only about Sean gaining tuitions, but they got greedy and applied for the competition offering $500,000 for the winner. Paralelly interrogated by Nick, Sean reveals that he originally seduced Julia to acquire her trust and support, but he actually fell in love with her. Dr. Lambert found out he never attended Cambridge, and that he offered an ultimatum of either revoking his application for the prize or he would be expelled from the college. He had to go, and the translator orchestrated the bombing to look like an accident. The second bombing was only planned after the CSIs figured out it was a bomb attack, to frame Michael with both attacks, however, Sean approved it only after the translator promised it will go off when Julia's not in her office.

While perp walked, Sean exchanges angry looks with the translator, as well as pleading sorry to a visibly upset Julia. Sara and Julia hold each other's hands, finally setting aside their differences. The episode ends with Sara and Grissom having a videochat with each other, with Mrs. Grissom joining them. Grissom notes that she visited Sara sooner than she would ever visit him during his days at the lab, and the conversation takes a turn to sexuality. The three promise to each other that they'll meet soon.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • William Petersen as Gil Grissom
  • Marlee Matlin as Professor Julia Holden
  • Phyllis Frelich as Mrs. Betty Grissom
  • Tyrone Giordano as Michael Bowman
  • Sean McGowan as Sean Wyatt
  • Anthony Natale as Dr. Lambert
  • Matthew Jeager as Dennis Palmer
  • Larena Patrick as Ashley Belham


  • William Petersen made a special guest as Gil Grissom in this episode.
  • The title refers to Grissom's mother, who is a key character in the case and still bears her late husband's name, and to Sara, being the wife of Gil and therefore being the "other" Mrs. Grissom, although she kept her surname.

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