Emily and Kyle Hartley

The Wedding Robbers (so named for the purpose of this wiki) were a group of robbers and budding serial killers who appeared in Season Twelve of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


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Modus Operandi[]

The Hartleys targeted wedding ceremonies. During the Vegas heists, they used Emily's job at a high-end jewelry store to track weddings. Armed with assault rifles (apparently normally loaded with blanks) and wearing masks, they would seal the exits before holding everyone at gunpoint and robbing them, especially of their jewelry. The robberies took place within a week on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the Vegas robberies, they would have an accomplice, Frederick Ladd, melt down the jewelry they stole to turn it into untraceable pure gold. Ladd was later killed with molten iron pyrite poured down his throat, leaving a mask on his dead face to frame him as a robber and misdirect police. Also, while they were in Vegas, they would have Kyle, who worked as an EMT, use his ambulance as their escape vehicle since he had access to its radio, allowing him to tap into the communications of police and emergency workers, and it could also blend in with other ambulances.


  • Kyle Hartley (incarcerated)
  • Emily Hartley (incarcerated)
  • Frederick Ladd (deceased; killed by partners)

Known Crimes[]

  • 2010, New York City, New York: Three unspecified robberies
  • 2011, Chicago, Illinois: Three unspecified robberies
  • 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada:
    • The Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding robbery (one casualty):
      • Andrew Milner (the groom; killed by an accidental head-shot by Kyle when a blank shot launched a button into his head)
      • Lisa Kravitz (the bride; robbed only)
      • Numerous other guests (robbed only)
    • The drive-thru wedding chapel robbery:
      • Walter Gersh (the groom)
      • Crystal Hasselbeck (the bride)
    • Frederick Ladd (had molten fool's gold poured down his throat by Kyle)
    • Unnamed store manager (survived; handcuffed and non-fatally shot in the leg by Emily)
    • David and Olivia Hodges (abducted and intended to kill; were rescued)