Minor Character: Miami
Name Laura Williams (mother)
Chuck Williams (father)
Andrea Williams (daughter)
Cody Williams (son)
Gender Male (Cody; Chuck)
Female (Lauren; Andrea)
Family Each other
Bradley Williams (brother and son; deceased)
City Miami
Pathology Murderers (Laura; Cody)
Incriminator (Andrea)
Abuser and Torturer (Laura)
Conspirators (Andrea; Chuck)
Modus Operandi Torture (Laura)
Poisoning (Laura)
Bludgeoning (Cody)
Framing (Andrea)
False confessions (Andrea; Chuck)
No. of Victims 3+ tortured (Laura)
1 murdered each (Laura; Cody)
1 framed (Andrea)
Status Deceased (Laura)
Incarcerated/Institutionalized (Cody; Andrea)
Unknown (Chuck)
Portrayed By Fay Masterson (Laura)
Colin Ford (Cody)
Olesya Rulin (Andrea)
Mark Moses (Chuck)
First Appearance Mommie Deadest

The Williams Family are a suburban Miami family most notably suffering the torture of the matriarch, Laura, eventually leading the remaining living members of the family, Cody, Andrea, and Chuck to not fight back until eventually snapping and covering up her murder.


The Williams kept up the appearance of a wonderful suburban family, which a few people weren't fooled by enough to see right though and notice the mother, Laura, terrorizing the entire household.

Laura would torture her three children: Andrea, Cody and Bradley, and scared Chuck into preventing him from revealing the abuse. Laura's "punishments" were most often caused by her hatred of what her children were doing. She forced Andrea's face into a bowl of dog food for touching the Thanksgiving feast that she had set up, and handcuffed her to her bed when she snuck out to see her boyfriend, Logan Price.

One day, Andrea accidentally burned the living room carpet. When Laura discovered it, she blamed Bradley for it and forced him to drink lighter fluid which caused his death. Chuck, Andrea and Cody never turned Laura in for what she did to Bradley. Despite Bradley's death, it wasn't enough to stop Laura from terrorizing the household and it caused Andrea to blame herself for what happened.

Mommie Deadest[]

The family's first shown at the 20th anniversary party of Laura and Chuck, the kids "lauding" the two over their extensive marriage in front of tens of guests. By the time the party's over, Cody accidentally left his red marker on the couch while he was drawing his comic art which left a stain that he was terrified of being punished by his mother over.

When Logan snuck in and broke a lamp at the garage, Laura was walking around with a camera. threatening to call the police. Fearing the worst, Cody snapped. He grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and hit Laura once, sending her to the ground. When Laura begins marching towards Cody, insulting him to his face in a rage, he hits her with the bat again and then seven more times to ensure her death. The murder (not Cody) is all captured on camera.

Cody's feeling of relief is short lived after realizing how far he'd gone. When Andrea comes outside and sees the carnage, she takes the bat and makes Cody swear to silence to protect her brother. The two of them leave a now dead Laura behind. Andrea then creates a temporary diversion by placing the bat in Logan's sports equipment bag.

The CSIs take the crime as a passion or rage crime, but more gets revealed when a schoolteacher at the party, Bridget Clark, is seen flirting with Chuck, but she reveals Cody was scared of her touching him and she suspected abuse in the house.

The camera footage reveals footage filmed over that shows Laura attacking Andrea with the dog food torture, revealing her as the brutal head of the house. Chuck has blood on his car and evidence shows he moved it around when the crime scene was processed, which he says was for the ambulance, rebuffing the abuse allegations, but saying that he wouldn't know because he is away on business a lot.

Andrea reveals being handcuffed to her bed by Laura while Logan admits to sneaking in the house and knocking over the lamp after glass is discovered inside of his shoe. When the baseball bat is discovered in Logan's possessions, Andrea confesses to murdering Laura, but it's clear that she is lying after she says that he hit Laura once.

Cody reveals Bradley in a graphic drawing that he made of himself and his sibling, but says that he is "not allowed" to talk about him. The report about Bradley is revealed as him discovering the lighter fluid and drinking it by himself; however, Andrea reveals in interrogation that Laura forced him to drink it despite her having burned the carpet by accident.

Andrea breaks down in tears and is consoled by Natalia Boa Vista, who tells her that she and her siblings deserved loving parents who should've protected them instead of putting them through terror and torture. Chuck corroborates Andrea's statement, saying that he didn't have the courage to stand up to Laura, let alone push himself to kill his wife. It was only further reinforced when Laura threatened a divorce and full custody of the children if reported and charged.

When Natalia and Ryan Wolfe go over the evidence again, they look at a piece of paper with what looks like blood on it; it is later revealed that it is ink from Cody's red comic marker. Cody confesses to murdering Laura which shocks Chuck. Chuck attempts to falsely confess to the crime as Andrea and Cody hold each other crying outside, saying that he needs to be a father to them for once in his life.

Horatio Caine promises to discuss leniency with the DA and insists that Chuck testify to help his children so the sentence is fitting enough after how brutal and obscene Laura was for years.

If not released, Cody and Andrea were either incarcerated or institutionalized, depending on their evaluated competence and their age. Chuck's status (be it released or incarcerated) is never known.

Modus Operandi[]

Laura tortured her children with sadistic "punishments" based off the things she couldn't stand about them or found she'd done wrong, even as harmless accidents. For example, Laura forced Andrea's face into a dog bowl to make her "eat like an animal" for ruining her Thanksgiving setup. She also handcuffed Andrea to her bed for sneaking out to visit her boyfriend.

Laura's torture was so severe, Chuck was too afraid to stop it. Laura killed her 5-year-old son, Bradley by forcing him to drink lighter fluid after Andrea accidentally burned the carpet and Laura blamed Bradley for it.

When Cody killed Laura, he swung a metal baseball bat nine times. Andrea took the bat and placed in the belongings of her boyfriend, Logan Price to frame him. Andrea later falsely confessed to murdering Laura in order to keep Logan out of jail without ratting out Cody.

Known Victims[]

  • Bradley Williams (previously tortured in various ways; later force-fed lighter fluid until poisoning him to death)
  • Cody Williams (tortured in various ways; was later killed by him in a panic)
  • Andrea Williams (tortured in various ways, including forcing to eat dog food and handcuffing to a bed)
  • Laura Williams (beaten nine times by Cody with a metal baseball bat)
  • Logan Price (temporarily framed by Andrea by placing the murder weapon in his duffle bag)