Minor Character: Miami
Name Brad Sylvestri
Trey Holt
Mary Landis
Alias The Y2K Smugglers
Gender Male (Sylvestri; Holt)
Female (Landis)
City Miami
Occupation DEA Agent (Sylvestri)
Pathology Drug dealers
Murderer (Holt)
Attempted murderer (Landis)
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning (Holt)
Stabbing (Landis)
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 attempted
1 framed
Status Incarcerated (all)
Portrayed By Jack McGee (Sylvestri)
Toby Hemingway (Holt)
Katherine Moennig (Landis)
First Appearance Rock and a Hard Place

The Y2K Smugglers (so named for this wiki) are a team of drug traffickers and eventually killers responsible for framing Bryan Woods for their crimes.


DEA Agent Brad Sylvestri decided to take advantage of his position to run a smuggling for Y2K, an extremely popular new brand of street pills. Preying on vulnerable youths, Sylvestri recruited Mary Landis and Trey Holt, young ex-cons who were originally hired as informants. The pills were stolen from a bust from an imprisoned ex-con named Jim Barber, who was serving an 8 year prison sentence. Barber got out and was about to blow the whistle on the operation after finding out the truth about the stash.

Landis seduced Barber for a water ski ride, then went to an overpass where Holt was waiting with a block of slate from the yard of Bryan Woods, his friend and the son of coroner Alexx Woods. Just when Barber was about to pass underneath, holt dropped the slate on his head, killing him almost instantly from below. The slate was recovered from the floor of the canal, and Landis pretended to just be an innocent witness who "just met" Barber that day.

Sylvestri preten ds to be helpful but only divulges his arrest of barber for the pills. With the slate tracing back to Bryan, he becomes a suspect. But a cigarette butt with Holt's DNA leads to him, but he denies everything. Landis later meets with Holt at a warehouse over a payment she was supposed to get for her role. Since she was denied it by Holt, she was furious enough to come up behind him and stab him, leaving the knife in his back. Holt called Bryan to the warehouse, complying with Holt's begs to pull the knife out. Alexx walked in and was horrified to see Bryan drop the knife in shock while standing over Holt. Alexx stopped Holt's bleeding and called for an ambulance.

Landis' DNA comes back on the knife, and she smugly confesses, but she refuses to sell out the ring. Because Holt had made Bryan go to his house to get a bag of Y2K and throw it off the overpass, Bryan was caught and arrested there. Despite Bryan never even looking in the back, with the evidence mounting against him, Alexx stops questioning and demands she speak with Bryan alone and the family meet with a lawyer. When with Alexx, Bryan finally reveals everything. Swearing to protect him, Alexx tells the team of Bryan's account. Holt confesses in the hospital, revealing how he was blackmailed due to his addictions and record, giving up Sylvestri and Landis to exonerate Bryan and secure his release. Sylvestri tried to brush off his prints being on the bag due to his job, but he finally conceded and smugly admitted to the smuggling conspiracy, bragging the pills were better than any money he could make. All three were arrested and incarcerated for their respective crimes, with Alexx retiring to be with Bryan and her husband Henry.

Modus Operandi[]

Using the stolen Y2K pills and Sylvstri's position in the DEA to track Miami drug records, the three would distribute the drugs at will to paying addicts. Jim Barber, the original psosessor of the drugs, was killed by luring him under an overpass while water skiing with Landis, who seduced him into a "date". Holt had stolen one of Bryan Woods' slabs of slate from his yard, then dropped it on Barber, leaving the slate to fall to the bottom and Barber to collapse into the water. Landis got revenge on Holt by stabbing him in a warehouse they met at with a small hunting knife, leaving it in Holt's back. Bryan was slowly framed from the slate coming from his home, Holt begging Bryan to pull the knife out so his prints were on it, and Holt telling Bryan to throw Holt's Y2K stash off the overpass.

Known Victims[]

  • Jim Barber (lured by Landis, then bludgeoned with a slab of slate dropped on his head by Holt; directed by Sylvestri)
  • Trey Holt (attempted; stabbed in the back with a knife, which was pulled out by Bryan Woods)
  • Bryan Woods (attempted to frame; failed)