Minor Character: Las Vegas
Ian Bohen CSI Ghosts of the Past
Name Jonathan Harris
Alias Thomas Pope
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
City Las Vegas
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Copycat (once)
Modus Operandi Impalement
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 attempted
Status Incarcerated/Institutionalized
Portrayed By Ian Bohen
First Appearance Ghosts of the Past

Jonathan Harris a.k.a Thomas Pope is a psychotic budding serial killer who appeared Season Thirteen of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Jonathan was an orphan boy who was frequently moved from one foster home to another until he lost his childhood to serial killer Walter Simms, having been kidnapped and held captive by Simms as a boy. He would be forced to be an accomplice to lure seven more boys to an abandoned meat plant, where Simms would disembowel and impale the boys alive before suspending them postmortem. The trauma and subjection to the brutality scarred Pope for life; he not only suffered psychosis in adulthood, he changed his name to Thomas Pope to protect his identity, fearing being found out due to his own dread as well as guilt and shame. He later married and started a family, then became property manager of the slaughterhouse to prevent visitors or its demolition, under the insane belief the spirits of the boys were still there and he didn't want people talking to them. But when three teenage ghost hunters, Carrie, Doug, and Owen, wanted to survey the plant to communicate with said spirits, even in spite of letting them in, Jonathan became terrified the boys would reveal him and what he did, finally snapping and planning to eliminate witnesses and investigators getting too close. Doug was the first to be murdered the night the ghost hunters were in the building, being impaled and eviscerated alive the same way Simms would murder boys. Jonathan, under his alias, gives his account and feigns familiarity with the case and shock over the murder. Assuming it's the ghost of Simms, Carrie goes back to investigate, but Jonathan murders her too with a bat at the boys' memorial, his ringtone of kids giggling being recorded on her equipment, making it seem like the boys' ghosts had to do with the murder. Greg Sanders, who was told earlier by Carrie he had a medium gift and to listen to it closely, went back with Pope as Harris to try and test his senses, Pope was armed with a claw hammer under his coat for when he was going to kill Sanders as well. By then, the team deduces his identity, but Sanders covers himself fine when he hears "Pope"'s ringtone and draws his gun on instinct. When he says too many people already died in that building, Pope drops the hammer and surrenders. He's later seen confessing to Jim Brass and Sara Sidle and is then either incarcerated or institutionalized, depending on his competency.

Modus Operandi[]

Jonathan targeted whoever he feared was getting closer to knowing his identity, under the psychotic belief the butcher shop he was held captive in held the ghosts of Walter Simms and the boys he killed. He killed the ghost hunters, Doug and Carrie, with items on hand, first a meat hook suspended on a chain (to evoke Simms and throw suspicion away from him), then a bat at the memorial for the dead boys. When Sanders came to the abandoned site, he was prepared to attack him with a claw hammer under his jacket. Before he could kill Sanders with it, Sanders arrested him once "Pope"'s ringtone, which was heard during Carrie's murder, alerted him and Pope surrendered.

Known Victims[]

  • Seven unnamed boys (all lured to a trap on Simms' orders; impaled on meat hooks and disemboweled alive by Simms)
  • Doug Lasky (fatally impaled and eviscerated on a meat hook on a chain)
  • Carrie Sinclair (bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat)
  • Greg Sanders (attempted to bludgeon with a claw hammer; was stopped and arrested instead)


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