Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Tina Collins
Gender Female
Family Scott Collins (father; deceased)
Barbara Collins (mother; deceased)
Steven Collins (brother; deceased)
Brad Collins (brother; deceased)
Brenda Collins (sister/daughter)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Student
Pathology Mass proxy killer
Modus Operandi Proxy stabbing
No. of Victims 4 killed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Allison Lange
First Appearance Blood Drops

Tina Collins is a teenage victim of household rape and a mass proxy killer, directing her boyfriend Jesse Overton to massacre her family out of revenge. She appears in Blood Drops in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Tina was sexually abused by her father, Scott on a regular basis. Her mother, Barbara and brothers Steven & Brad were aware of the abuse, but did nothing to stop it. She had several relationship with other boys (often sexual), but she didn't stay dedicated to them which led to the neighborhood talking about her like she was promiscuous.

Tina became pregnant with her daughter/sister, Brenda by Scott; as Brenda got older, he began sexually abusing her as well. Tina finally plotted her revenge, primarily in the interest of saving Brenda, recruiting Jesse, her last boyfriend, as part of the plan.

Blood Drops[]

When the Collins family was sleeping, Jesse snuck in and took the largest kitchen knife as his weapon of choice. He crossed Scott in the hallway after Scott raped Brenda for the last time, stabbing Scott repeatedly from behind. Jesse then snuck into Barbara's room and slit her throat in her sleep.

Moving to the shared room of the brothers, Jesse stabbed Steven to death while he was sleeping, mostly in his upper body. Brad woke up and tried to get away, but Jesse threw him to the floor and stabbed him to death from behind as well. Jesse left with the knife, leaving Tina to run to a neighbor's house with a sobbing act to draw suspicion away from her.

Tina frantically tries to get to Brenda, but she is psychiatrically committed when her mental state declines. The team obviously notices her being evasive, such as not establishing eye contact over Brenda referring to Scott as "The Buffalo", which the team didn't understand. She tried to say she physically had contact with Barbara and Scott after they were killed, but her pajamas were bloodless, despite her refusing to admit she was lying. Jesse's eventually tracked when the scooter he rode on as a getaway is tied to him. Tina is shocked when she hears the team discuss Jesse.

When Jesse's caught red-handed with the matchbook from which he left one match at the scene, the scooter reduced to pieces, and jeans covered in blood, he gives himself and Tina up. He confesses everything in a lie detector test, except for lying the motive was for he and Tina to be together. The team soon collects evidence from Brenda revealing she was sexually abused, discovering a buffalo medallion, and realizing that the blood stains show Scott was leaving Brenda's room after raping her, revealing he died first.

Tina emotionally reveals the sexual abuse, confirming Brenda's speech in shock revealed that Scott wore the medallion when he raped the girls. She confirmed Brenda is her daughter as well as her sister from incest. Barbara would stand in the doorway while Scott raped her and Brenda, with not even the boys intervening. She and Jesse are soon after incarcerated for their crimes.

Modus Operandi[]

Tina hired Jesse to kill her parents and brothers, leaving herself and Brenda as the survivors; then, she ran over to a neighbor's house for help in order to give herself an alibi.

Known Victims[]

The following were committed by Jesse Overton on Tina's instruction:

  • Scott Collins (stabbed repeatedly in the back and neck)
  • Barbara Collins (slashed her throat)
  • Steven Collins (stabbed repeatedly in the chest and neck)
  • Brad Collins (stabbed repeatedly in the back)


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