Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Todd Coombs
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Pathology Serial killer
Serial rapist
Modus Operandi Strangulation, preceded by rape
No. of Victims 4 killed
4 raped
1 abducted
4 stalked
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By George Newbern
First Appearance Bloodlines

Dr. Todd Coombs is a serial killer and serial rapist appearing in the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation episode "Bloodlines".


Coombs has four brothers and a twin he absorbed into his body in utero, resulting in him developing tetragamic chimerism. Coombs would have two different sets of DNA, which would only be identified from particular materials from his body (saliva, blood, hairs, etc.) Coombs, a violent sadist, decided to use that when he went on a killing spree, beating and raping women before he would strangle them with stockings.

He met his match in Linley Parker, who was violently raped but successfully escaped and was rescued by paramedics. She remembered the rape in detail and picked Coombs out of a lineup. However, his DNA was that of his twin's, so only a fraternal match was shown, and Coombs was let go. The DNA results were tied to the rape and murder of Emma Dobbins, which only showed Coombs had a type instead of showing a motive, and shoe prints at the scene were a match to prove the same killer was responsible.

Coombs stalked Linley while she was driving, smashed her window, and kidnapped her while cutting himself on the glass. Coombs then raped Linley again, before strangling her to finish what he started. Linley called Catherine Willows just before she was kidnapped, so the team put out a lengthy search and eventually found her dead. Willows trusted Linlry's ID, so when Gil Grissom saw distinctive marks on Coombs, he realized his condition. Coombs' blood matched the semen collected from Linley and Emma, and he confessed in full to their rapes and murders, as well as two other women's murders.

Modus Operandi[]

Coombs targeted beautiful Caucasian women in their 30s. He would stalk them, punch them to subdue them once they were outside, and rape them while forcing them to look into his eyes. Coombs would then strangle them with a stocking and leave them dead at the crime scenes. To get Linley again, Coombs stalked her while she drove, smashed her window to pull her out of the car, and kidnapped her, before raping her again and killing her in his usual fashion.

Known Victims[]

  • Two unidentified women
  • Emma Dobbins (beaten, raped, and strangled with a stocking)
  • Linley Parker (beaten and raped, but she escaped; later smashed her car window, kidnapped, raped again, and strangled with a stocking)